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Zorya (ゾライア, Zoraia) is the name given by the Hunters Association to the mysterious being who for centuries lay sleeping in the lost civilization of Lumenstadt, before being awakened by the battle between the Association and the Orre Empire. He later escaped to the surface. He acts as one of the main antagonists of Dream × Hunter.


Contrary to the fact that Zorya is apparently a very old being, he appears surprisingly youthful. He is a slim, almost boney 'young man', who can usually be found simply wearing a tan-colored cloak that hangs around his neck. He wears nothing on his hands, arms, or chest, but around his legs and waist he wears simple black-colored trousers. He has long, remarkably smooth black hair and pale, almost pure white eyes that are only offset via the pupils themselves, which are black. After awakening, he donned an additional set of gauntlets on his arms that appear to be somewhat similar to LEGO bricks, and a similar set of boots around his feet. 


Zorya's personality is very hard to describe, mostly due to the fact that he does not appear to speak the standard language in the Hunter × Hunter world, save for the actual name of his Hatsu. Outside that, Zorya seems to be very stingy with his words, rarely even opening his mouth. He comes across, though, as a very composed and even confident man, with his usual expression being his eyes always being slightly closed, and an almost smug smile on his lips. To further this image, he walks in a slight slouch, and yawned several times after being awakened. He also seems very protective of his homeland, as he either slaughtered or knocked out all the Hunters and Orre Empire soldiers who were 'trespassing'. However, this is offset by the fact that he left his supposed kingdom with almost no regret visible at all.

In addtion, Zorya seems to be slightly sadistic, as he grinned savagely while killing the Orre Empire soldiers who had found him, and seemed to enjoy knocking out and beating down the others in the area.




Nen AbilitiesEdit

Though he has never explicity stated his Nen type, nor has his Hatsu been appropriatley indentified, all evidence suggests that Zorya's Nen type is, indeed, Conjuration. He has, however, identified the name of his Hatsu, calling it "King's Judgement".

Zorya's Nen Type: Conjuration
Type: Conjuration and Manipulation King's Judgement (復讐の神(王の判決) Avenging God)
KingNen As a Conjurer, Zorya can create physical things via his aura. His most common use of this is to create a sort of living statue, based around the various 'guardian' statues scattered around Lumenstadt, that are believed to have represented the country's strength and solidarity. This statue is mobile, being able to move freely even without it's creator's orders, and also seems to be highly durable, able to take a barrage of Nen-powered attacks without receiving a scratch. In addition, it can take amounts of the aura that was used to create large shock waves that can do devastating damage, as well as several other techniques, though at the cost of making it gradually grow smaller the more it uses, until it vanishes completely. It also seems to have incredible strength, easily spearing a human being through with just a finger. It has also been shown picking Zorya up in order to move faster, as well as possessing limited swimming ability. While it is certain that there are a variety of conditions that come into play when using this ability, due to the Hatsu only being used twice so far, and only for very brief periods, any concrete weaknesses have yet to be observed.

Natural AbilitiesEdit



  • Zorya's name is derived from the two guardian godesses in Slavic mythology, representing the Morning and Evening Stars. The name was suggested by User:DamonDraco.
  • His appearance is based off the character of Asakura Hao from the anime/manga series Shaman King/Shaman King Flowers.