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I'm Davidchola2, the bureaucrat and founder of this wiki. I'm a big otaku (google it), although I read much more manga than I watch anime. I'm not English, although I've spoken the language for ⅓ of my life (I'm 17), and I'm also learning Japanese by myself. I can help with translations (I've been known to be quite good at them), a topic over which my self-diagnosed OCD kicks in. Also, I'm an Internet workaholic, meaning that I don't mind being overloaded with requests by users here (in real life, GTFO!). I'm not a frequent editor (I was more before), but I visit every wiki I frequent more than once every day, so go ahead and contact me in my message wall.

I like long walks on the beach, piña coladas and getting caught in the rain... and I have a pet dinosaur.

Also, one of these paragraphs is a complete lie (HINT: it's the second one)

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