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Spirit x hunter
Spirit x Hunter



Supiritto no x Hantā


Two years after Chimera Ant Arc



Main Character

Tatsumi Koukaku


Action, Adventure, Shonen

Theme Song

One OK Rock-Onion

Ending Theme

OK Rock-Nothing Helps

Spirit × Hunter (スピリットのxハンター, Supiritto no x Hantā) or sometimes shortened to S×H is a storyline by RinkakuKagune, and a fanon spin-off of the popular animanga series Hunter X Hunter by Yoshihiro Togashi. In reality this shows doesnt exist, and the original reins supreme. Hail Hitler

Characters Edit

Kurutta Akahoshi

Akai Hana

Kenji Miyamoto

Shugure Hattori

Chapters Edit

Hunter Exam Arc Edit

Nen Learning Arc Edit

Phantom Troupe Arc Edit

Greed Island Arc Edit

Beastmen Arc Edit

Auxilium Diaboli Arc Edit

Outside World Arc Edit