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Shigure Yukinokouji



Shigure Yukinokouji

Also Known As

Purple Ninja (パープル忍者, Pāpuru Ninja)

Manga Debut

Spirit Four

Anime Debut

Spirit Four

Japanese Voice

Mamiko Noto

English Voice

Trina Nishimura


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June 10th

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Instant Freeze

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Shigure Yukinokouji (しぐれ服部, Shigure Yukinokouji) is a 18 year old Hunter and is the main female protagonist of the fanon series Spirit x Hunter, she participated in the 289th Hunter Examination and was one of the only five people that passed the exam.


Shigure has long creamish-coloured hair with sky blue–coloured eyes. She has a slender, curvaceous figure and medium large breasts. She wears a blue and white coat, with a furry white scarf. She also wears a pair of long white gloves and normal skinny blue tights and boots.


Shigure tends to be a very mean and somewhat impolite person. Being a genius, Shigure always considers herself right and because of this can be considered 'stuck-up'. Despite being this way, Shigure has been shown to be a very caring person and looks out for the rest of the group, mostly Kurutta. Shigure also considers herself to be a mother figure or an older sister figure to Kohta and will scold anyone who tries to ruin his innocence.

History Edit

Shigure was due to be the next head of the Yukinokouji Clan, as she was part of the main founding family. However the Akahoshi Clan (the sworn rival of the Yukinokouji Clan) decided to kill her, luckily a fellow ninja slew the assassin that came after her but it has a huge knock on effect. The Akahoshi Clan demanded compensation for the death of their comrade and the Hattori Clan agreed to fulfil one wish, the Akahoshi Clan told them to not fight for a day and in that day they where attacked and utterly destroyed. Only Shigure managed to escape the slaughter, as she was smuggled out of the village before the attack happened.

Synopsis Edit

Spirit x Hunter: Spirit × Hunter (スピリットのxハンター, Supiritto no x Hantā) or sometimes shortened to S×H is a storyline by RinkakuKagune, and a fanon spin-off of the popular animanga series Hunter X Hunter by Yoshihiro Togashi. The story focuses on the four teens Kurutta, Akai, Kenji and Shigure. Disclaimer: I do not claim ownership over the manga Hunter X Hunter written by Yoshihiro Togashi, if I did My characters would ACTUALLY be in the story and not a geeky fanon creation.


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Physical AbilitiesEdit

Enhanced Speed - Shigure possess speed superior to a normal human, sometimes moving at mach 2, she is capable of taking out multiple opponents without them even realising. Even the likes of Feitan commented upon her speed, sating that she could possibly outrun him. Shigure is capable of outrunning cars and various others fast moving vehicles, she has demonstrated the ability to jump from building to building in a matter of seconds.

Expert Swordwoman - Shigure