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Ryuji Bang


Manga Debut



Male.png Male


17 (Hunter Exam)

21 (Current)


182.88 cm


76.7 kg


June 23rd

Hair Color

Short curly afro

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Dark Brown

Blood Type



Blacklist Hunter





Ryuji Bang is a Blacklist Hunter and one of the few rookies to pass the 285th Hunter Exam. He is also the son of Karma and Makino Bang. Initially, he wanted to become a Hunter as a source of adventure, but after the death of his mother his goal became to find her murderer. He has become a member of the Dark Continent Expedition Team, a team of Hunters led by Beyond Netero that are trying to reach the Dark Continent.


Ryuji is a dark skinned young man of an average height of 182.88 cm (6'0) with a lean but very athletic build. He has large scarlet red hair that is almost always held back in a ponytail, a somewhat small nose, and thick black eyebrows above large almond shaped red eyes. He possesses rather large ears, with one of them having three silver studded earrings. Ryuji has a deep scar across his nose from a fight with a large bear when he was ten years old, and various scars across his arms, legs, torso from years of training with his father Karma. He is quite handsome, but with wild eyes and a madman's smile.

His clothing style is simple yet expressive, consisting of a sleeveless black shirt with a red trim that exposes his chest and abdomen, grey sandals, a jet-black sash and baggy off white colored shorts with red cuffs at the knee. Ryuji's signature piece of clothing is a long scarlet red hooded cloak with a black trim around the hood, and stitches around the hood as well from when it was damaged. He received this from his mother.


Ryuji is energetic, extroverted, loud, disruptive and was always known as a trouble maker, causing many people during his childhood to note that he was a problem child. Despite this, he's friendly, easy to get along with, and has a larger than life quality to himself that cause many people to be drawn to him. He is very straightforward, and is rather simple-minded in his endeavors; he's not very good at math and prefers to act on his instincts rather than using logic and reasoning and is much more likely to blow through an obstacle rather than think his way around it.

Ryuji tends to go the extremes a lot, which causes many people to question him. He can be extremely selfish, especially when regarding food, and when he wants to do something his way but he can also be incredibly selfless, seeing no problem with having to sacrifice himself to protect his the people he cares about and sometimes even complete strangers. These childish ways cause many people to question whether he has some sort of alternate motive or methods to his madness when in fact he does not.

One of Ryuji's most defining traits is his sheer bravery and daring attitude. He is not afraid to challenge anyone and will accept any and all obstacles getting in his way, such as when he rejected an offer to join the criminal organization Seven Deadly Sins, even though he knew doing so would put him directly at odds with them and rejected an invitation to marry Kaiju's daughter, the leader of a huge crime syndicate. Ryuji is someone who is completely unafraid of his own death. He has stated before that he does not fear death at all and even states that dying would be a better fate than not even trying to achieve his dreams. Ryuji never backs down from a battle and will fight an enemy down to his last breath, no matter how powerful or renowned they are.

Even in incredibly dangerous circumstances, or bizarre and frightening places, Ryuji will just enjoy his time there and can often be scene smiling and laughing. He is also not afraid to stand up to his friends as well and will tell them whenever he feels they are doing something wrong. He is often criticized for being too brave, to the point of being downright reckless and foolish.

Ryuji is also a very sardonic and wisecracking young man with a with a lightning-fast wit and a sarcastic, blunt sense of humor. He is often making jokes at to lighten the mood sometimes even at his friends expense and can be rather annoying at times, though others have pointed out that his humor could sometimes be hurtful and downright rude; even if he doesn't mean for it to be. Usually though his sense of humor known was for making his friends feel better and he is known to make people laugh and relax even in very difficult times, and his friends have expressed several times that he's helped them in this way.

Ryuji is extremely prideful in his abilities and is willing to challenge anyone in combat as he has frequently proven that he can deal with powerful and experienced fighters. He was self-assured that he could pass the Hunter Exam upon meeting all of the other applicants, and was sure that he would defeat his opponent in the one on one combat section. During his battle with Kadaj, Ryuji was one hundred percent sure that he could defeat the giant man just by looking at him, and vocally dismissed his claims that he would he would defeat Ryuji.

Ryuji has a lot of self-confidence and possesses a large ego to match it, making him sassy, cocky, quick-witted and sometimes overconfident in his abilities. He has a lot of attitude, shows a lot of sarcasm through his gestures and has a narcissistic tongue. He often jokes around to light the mood, but will also take any opportunity to taunt and mock his opponents, and takes many of the dangerous situations he faces lighthearted. He is also not generally modest when it comes to his abilities, is very proud of his skills, and a bit of a showoff. After several defeats at the hands of powerful fighters, Ryuji admits that he wasn't strong enough and vowed to become stronger; showing that can admit when he is being outdone and he can admit to his own flaws and mistakes.

Ryuji is also unyieldingly loyal to the people that he cares for and can become violently angry very quickly if they are harmed in any way. He is willing to go to great lengths to avenge and defend those close to him, even if it means destroying others that get in his way, such as striking Hanoko down for trying to kidnap Mai. Ryuji is someone who thinks anyone and everyone should be loyal to their friends, and gets visibly angry when he sees people being disloyal to their own comrades, especially when he witnesses betrayal. He is also prone to violence when his friends are insulted, even if the person who was insulted doesn't think it's a big deal; shown when Ryuji slammed a bandit's head through a bar table when they insulted Geitz. He also has a lot of pride and confidence in his friends as well, knowing they can handle themselves even without his help.

Ryuji is willing to go through great lengths to ensure the safety of those close to him, even if their safety comes at the expense of his own well-being or even death; risking his own life numerous times to make sure that his friends are okay. Even when seriously injured he always checks and makes sure his friends are fine before settling down to get treatment for his own injuries; such as when Mai got sick he climbed up the highest mountain to get her to the only doctor in the area and defended her from wild animals despite great injury to himself.

Ryuji is very aggressive and has showed on multiple occasions that he enjoys a good fight and even relishes in defeating his opponents. During his fight with Hanoko (who apologized for hurting Mai after being beaten by him), Ryuji refused to forgive him and mercilessly attacked him without restraint, even though Hanko was already defeated. He cannot stand to allow his enemies to get away with whatever they have done and will want revenge against them no matter what others say.

In combat, Ryuji is brutal and can be incredibly ruthless to his enemies; tending to fight without mercy. If an opponent is significantly weaker than them, he will attempt to exercise restraint in order to not kill them but will nevertheless solidly defeat them with no qualms; and if they hurt his loved ones he will hold absolutely nothing back. When faced with foes who can give him a challenge, Ryuji will give them everything he's got to defeat them and prefers to face them up front; not having a fondness for deceit or sneak attacks. He has also been known to smile like a madman when he is about to engage a powerful opponent.

This aggression and love for fighting is due to the years of training and importance placed on a person's individual strength by his father. Due to this Ryuji can sometimes be seen as a person who inherently loves violence and blood but this is not the case as he does not enjoy the act of taking another persons life and actively tries to refrain from doing so unless given no choice, as he lets most of his opponents live unless they do something horrible to someone he cares for.

He occasionally (and comically) gets into fights for trivial reasons, such as kicking a man across a bar table for saying the chef's food tasted awful and insulting him when Ryuji really enjoyed it.

Ryuji is pretty short-tempered, and thus can have trouble controlling his anger; he is quite quick to anger as well, and he would retaliate for something as simple as an insult to his friends, regardless of how little his friends actually cared about the insult. When his emotions are ignited, Ryuji becomes irrational and completely oblivious to anything else; and begins focusing on venting his anger. His words have bite, and he isn't afraid to speak his mind. He even expressed some irritability with his friends when they are getting on his nerves. While he is hot-headed and can sometimes lose control he has shown that in most situations he is capable of keeping a level-head and even can compose himself when he needs to.

Ryuji also has an intense air of charisma surrounding him as well and is well known for being incredibly likeable, and it's this effortless charm that has made him quickly develop a strong bond with his crew mates friends despite his flaws. Most who have met him doubtlessly claim that he is very likable, incredibly confident, and an open book. He is easy to get along with and can make conversation with almost anyone. He's not difficult to please, easily entertained, and easily distracted. He is also very creative and is seen as someone that thinks outside of the box.

He has been shown to be able to make friends with almost anyone and can spark conversation at a moments notice, even befriending people he annoyed or offended easily. Sarada noted that something about Ryuji just made her want to root for him, despite the senseless bickering the two often engaged in.

Hidden by his highly aggressive nature, Ryuji is very kind-hearted and deeply compassionate. Despite his desire to find his mother's killer, he is fully willing to put aside that goal for the time to help those in need; especially his loved ones. He was genuinely angry upon learning that the man who murdered Geitz father had escaped from prison and promised to help Geitz find him not matter what. When fighting Vergil, he knocked the man over the side of mountain and grabbed him before he could fall off the cliff, despite the two of them just having engaged in a brutal battle.


Ryuji's father subjected him to incredibly intense training during his childhood

Ryuji was born and raised in Jigoku Desert, a desert area on the island of Takamagahara that is said to be so perilous that only fools would attempt to travel there. He was born as the youngest child of of Karma and Makino Bang, as well as the younger brother of Kido Bang. Despite being the youngest, Ryuji had an intense amount of expectations placed on him by his father for unknown reasons, even more than his brother Kido and Karma would train Ryuji almost everyday giving him little to no break days. Even at a young age of five these trainings were incredibly unorthodox, a lot of times even downright abusive. Ranging from having Ryuji carry incredibly heavy objects for hours on end to increase his strength, having him run for miles through the desert, having him train with both Kido and Karma at the same time, and go into the most dangerous parts of the desert and challenge the man-eating creatures that roam within just to name a few.

Despite this, Ryuji would grow up to be an energetic and friendly boy, though with a short temper and an impulsive attitude. A lot of this is because of the love he would receive from his mother. Makino did not approve of Karma's training methods (a lot of which she had no knowledge of), and would frequently help Ryuji maintain a positive attitude and teach him kindness and empathy, unlike his father who only taught him how to hurt people. Makino would often reassure Ryuji that one day the two of them would run away from his father, they just needed to bide their time; though Ryuji never truly hated or even disliked his father he did grow to resent him due to making his mother upset a lot of the time.

Ryuji had a very close relationship with his mother, as she was very caring and loving towards him

Makino would tell Ryuji many stories about the Hunters, elite members of society who's job is to dedicate themselves to the protection of knowledge, people, and nature, as well as their ability to go anywhere within the world unrestricted; and her time she spent as a Hunter. As someone who loves to adventure, Ryuji was very interested in high mothers stories and decided that one day he would become a Hunter in order to on an adventure across the world.

When his father did allow him to start leaving the desert and making friends, he was surprisingly charismatic and good at making friends despite his aggressive attitude and vulgar tongue. Ryuji started going to normal school at the age of eleven and made a decent group of friends while there, though he often go in trouble for getting into fights with other children (and brutally beating them up). His father did not relent on Ryuji's training however and started thinking of even more intense training methods to make his son stronger, making Ryuji have trouble concentrating on both school and fighting. He made Ryuji enter several martial arts tournaments and would punish him if he did not come out the winner.

After the death of Makino, Ryuji began training harder than ever before

One day at the age of eleven while walking home from a tournament, Ryuji would come home after winning the first place prize; being extremely happy as for the first time in his life his father looked genuinely proud of him. When the two of them returned home, Ryuji and Karma would find Makino and Kido on the floor, with Kido dead on the floor and Makino bleeding out on the verge of death. Before she died, Makino told Ryuji that a man simply by the name of "Wrath" was responsible for this and before dying told Ryuji that everything would be okay and she would always love him.

After Makino and Kido's death, Ryuji would begin training harder than he ever did before in order to one day find and get revenge on the man known as Wrath. He would even begin asking his father for more intense training, using the rage and pain he felt as drive and sheer determination to get stronger. While upset at the death of the love of his life, Karma approved in this change in Ryuji's drive and would become quite proud of his son's determination. While Ryuji did still want to become a Hunter for the sake of adventure, his primary goal became to find the man who murdered his mother.


Hunter Exam Arc

Ryuji manages to land a successful hit on Karma's face

Ryuji is first seen on Jigoku Desert sparring against his father, Karma Bang who was one of the greatest martial artists in the known world. Ryuji made a wager with Karma that if he was able to land one clean hit on his father's face, something he was never successful at doing, he would allow him to take part in the 285th Hunter Exam. After numerous failed attempts, Ryuji finally outwitted his father and managed to hit Karma on his jaw, impressing him greatly. After getting his father's consent on his application for the Hunter Exam, Ryuji said farewell to his friend Manda from school. Manda asks how long he will be gone for, and Ryuji replied that he had no idea but that even if he was away for years the two of them would always be friends. Ryuji returns home and begins packing for the adventure to take the Hunter Exam and starts to head to the ship that is supposed to guide him towards the exam.

Karma tells Ryuji he is proud to call him his son

Ryuji asks Karma if he is going to see him off at the shore, but Karma says that there is no need to. Before Ryuji heads out Karma tells him to hold on a second, when Ryuji asks why Karma tells him to sit down. Karma tells Ryuji that he has met many Hunters in his life, and that most of them are selfish hypocrites who only view themselves as right in the world; but he understands that Ryuji has a good heart and to not let the world of Hunters corrupt him. He tells him that whatever he does in life, make sure that he doesn't hold any regrets, and that no action you take in this world should be regretted, as it only stunts a person's growth. He then tells Ryuji that he is proud to call him his son, and that he knows Ryuji will become a big name in the world one day. Ryuji says goodbye to his father, tearing up a bit as he walks out of the door before wiping them away and smiling before leaving to catch the boat to the Hunter Exam.

Preliminary Phase

Ryuji easily defeats the man who attacked him

The first night Ryuji boards the boat he sees several strong looking people that all seem to be entering the Hunter Exam as well. Getting excited he begins looking around and talking to several people and asking them why they're, most of who just write him off as some over-zealous kid or straight up ignore him. One particularly large man, who was intimidating many of the other applicants walked up to Ryuji and thinking he was just some weak kid told him that this was no place for children and that only strong warriors deserve to become Hunters. A few of the other people on the ship tried to hold the man back but he was too strong for them and attacked Ryuji, who easily sidestepped and slammed the man into the ground, knocking him unconscious and denting the wood in the deck of the ship. When the captain came to check what the commotion was, he was furious and threatened to kick Ryuji off of the ship but a girl stood up for him and pointed out that he was not the person who started the fight. Ryuji apologizes to the captain of the ship, who calms down and tells him to just not damage his ship anymore.

Ryuji thanks the girl for clearing up the misunderstanding, and introduces himself to her, she introduces herself in return as Mai. A storm hits the area that rocks the ship all around, tossing a majority of the applicants around and rendering them unable to move either due to sea sickness or injury. After the storm, the captain comes to check on everyone and sees that only three of them are still able to move, as Ryuji and Mai are helping the injured. Mai predicts that another storm will appear even more dangerous than the last, and the captain says that she is correct. They stop at a deck and he warns them that anyone who wants to leave should get off the ship while they have the chance.

Most of the passengers exit the boat with only three people remaining, Ryuji, Mai, and a man named Geitz. The captain questions them on why they want to be Hunters so bad, but Geitz immediately says that he is under no obligation to tell him anything. The Captain says that he is the one who screens exam applicants and that it is up to him whether or not they pass. Reluctantly, Geitz is the first to tell him his reasoning which is to find and take the life of a person who wronged him. Mai states that she wants to be a Sea Hunter to explore the sea life, and Ryuji tells them that he just wants to be able to adventure out into the world as much as he wants. Geitz scoffs at both of their answers, saying that those are answers a child would give and Ryuji gets angry, telling Geitz that he shouldn't laugh at other people's dreams. The two get into an argument that causes them to agree to fight on the deck, but a large wave crashes into the ship causing the captain to fall over board. Geitz attempts to grab him before he falls but misses and Ryuji jumps overboard and grabs the captain by his arm. Mai and Geitz both catch him before he and the captain fall in the water and drag them back onto the deck of the ship. Geitz and Mai both reprimand Ryuji for his recklessness but the captain thanks him for saving his life. After a few minutes, Geitz apologizes to Ryuji and tells him that friend of his once said that was his dream to adventure the world, and he ended up dying. Ryuji forgives Geitz and tells him that if his friend got to live his dream even for a bit, he was sure he had no regrets, which caused Geitz to smile and Mai as well.

The Sphinx gives the trio a riddle

As thanks for saving his life, the captain gave them a hint to follow the path until they come across what appears to be a ruined town. They did so until they come across an old woman hidden in a cloak within the ruined town who then asks them if they are here to enter the Hunter Exam. They answered yes and the woman threw off her cloak to reveal that she was actually a Sphynx, a magical beast that is highly intelligent and capable of human speech. She asked the three of them a riddle, and said that even if only one of them can answer, she will guide all three to the exam; but if not she will attack without mercy. Both Geitz and Ryuji are stumped and Ryuji suggests just beating up the Sphinx but Geitz reminds him that without her they cannot find the exam. Mai is able to solve the riddle though and the Sphinx guides them to the location of the Hunter Exam.

First Phase

Second Phase

Third Phase

Final Phase


After completing the Hunter Exam, Geitz; who was highly impressed with Ryuji's physical capabilities asked him if he could train him to get stronger. Ryuji agreed and Mai said she wanted to get stronger too. Ryuji takes them to Kamina Desert, to begin their training regimen. When Mai asked why they had to train in such a hot area, Ryuji said that's part of the reason he got so strong. He gave Mai and Geitz rigorous training exercises, joking that it felt good to boss people around for once. Mai and Geitz strength grew rapidly after only two months of training and Ryuji tells them that the have gotten much stronger than they were before. The three decide to head for the airport to leave Kamina Desert.

As the three arrive at the airport, Geitz asks them what they plan on doing now. Ryuji says that he heard an Exam applicant say something about heading to a place called Heavens Arena to find a teacher, because "that's when you take the real exam". When Mai asked what the teacher was for, Ryuji said he had no clue but it sounded important so he's gonna check it out. Geitz said that he decided to look for work as a Hunter, so he can find more information on a certain man. Mai decides to venture with Ryuji to Heavens Arena, interested in what this "real Hunter Exam" is. The two part ways with Geitz, promising that they will see him again; to which Geitz smiles and nods his head.

Nen Training Arc

Ryuji easily defeats his first opponent

With Mai and Ryuji alone, they spend the last of their money to fly to the city where the Heavens Arena is located. When they arrive they enter the tournament, Mai puts down that she has 16 years of combat experience and when Ryuji told her that wasn't true she replied "how would they know that"? Ryuji was excited when the see the various matches around the tournament. Mai is nervous when she's called for her match, but Ryuji assures her that she has gotten much stronger since her training in Kamina Desert and all she needs to do is knock the opponent out of the ring. He watches Mai's match and when she defeated her he cheered for her along with the crowd, high-fiving her when she got back. Ryuji was called immediately after her, and Mai wished him good luck before he went on to fight his opponent, a hulking man named Sakai. Sakai begins talking down to Ryuji saying that a kid shouldn't be here, and to which Ryuji simply smiles like a madman and says he's ready when Sakai is. Immediately as the match began, Ryuji effortlessly defeated his opponent with a swift punch to the face, both knocking him out of the arena and knocking him unconscious; earning him the right to go to the 50th floor.

Ryuji is dumbfounded by the amount of clothes Mai bought with her money

After the both of them earn the right to head to the 50th floor, Ryuji is accidentally ran into by a short older woman. When Ryuji yells at the woman that she should apologize when she bumps into people the old woman simply told him to shut his mouth. Mai has to hold him back from attacking the old woman and the two move along. Both Mai and Ryuji are baffled by the amount of money that is awarded at higher floors, and Ryuji is baffled at Mai proclaiming she's gonna spend it all on clothing. Mai easily wins her next match as well. While Mai and Ryuji watched the old woman from before's match, he notices that during the match her opponent seemed to look incredibly frightened and then decided to immediately forfeit the match. Ryuji asked Mai if she noticed anything weird about that match, and Mai says that she did notice the man look afraid before he withdrew. Mai states that she really hopes she doesn't fight that woman, but Ryuji says he hopes he gets a round with her if she's that strong, too which Mai immediately responded that he is out of his mind.

The two of them win four more matches each and head to the 100th floor, and earn the right to room up there. Mai says that she's surprised at how easy this is, and Ryuji is disappointed that they haven't found anything regarding to a "real Hunter exam". They make it to the 150th floor, and after cashing his prize Ryuji is wondering what that woman does to make people so fearful, as she has made all of her opponents so far shiver in fear and forfeit. Mai says that he wont have to wonder for long, because the old woman; who's name is revealed to be Sarada is Ryuji's next opponent. Both excited and a bit nervous, Ryuji claims that he should be able to win because he's not afraid of anything.

Sarada defeats Ryuji

Ryuji is called for his match with Sarada, and Mai high fives him saying that whatever trick she's pulling he should be able to get around it. When Ryuji arrived on the stage, Sarada was nowhere to be found and was almost disqualified for taking so long but showed up at the last second. Ryuji told her to not keep people waiting and she once again told him to keep his mouth shut. Furious, Ryuji attacked as soon as the match began, attacking Sarada with a flurry of attacks; which she effortlessly dodged. When Ryuji backed up, he suddenly felt an immense feeling of danger. He looked ahead at Sarada, and saw that she was standing completely still but Ryuji felt as though if he kept fighting her he would die. Disregarding his feeling, he forced himself to keep on fighting, visibly surprising Sarada but Ryuji wasn't able to muster enough strength to move fast enough and he was knocked out of the ring by her and lost the match and Sarada advanced to the 200th floor. When Ryuji found Sarada after the match, he asked her what attack she used to make him feel that way and she told him that it was a technique passed down for generations. Ryuji asked her if she could teach it to him, and initially she refused but when he told her that he was a Hunter and heard that he had to learn something in order to pass the "real Hunter Exam", he was sure that this was that thing. Sarada, who was actually both impressed that he was a Hunter at such a young age and that he was able to resist the effects of her power, actually agreed to train him and Mai in the art.

Sarada takes both Mai and Ryuji to her room and says that she somewhat lied about the techniques, in actuality is is something referred to as Nen, a way in which powerful fighters use their life force, or "Aura" to physically attack someone. She begins by explaining the concept of Nen of the Flame to them. She tells Ryuji that this time she will show him a more powerful version of what she did to him before, and this time she is able to make Ryuji (and Mai as well) completely cower in fear. She teaches them the basics of Ten, Ren, Zetsu, and Hatsu, stating that the ability she used on him was Ren. She said that in order to utilize this, a person must open their "aura nodes" which takes years of meditation but because they don't have that much time she will show them a quicker, albeit much more dangerous way. Sarada then proposes to forcefully open their Aura Nodes through an injection of Hatsu and stresses that this could kill them if she had the intention. Ryuji, however, is confident they can rely on her and can feel Sarads's aura as a force pushing against him. When she jolts his and Mai's Aura Nodes open, they see their aura gushing out. They follow Sarada's instructions and quickly learn to contain their aura using Ten, causing Sarada to recognize their immense talent. She tests them by sending a wave of her Ren, and, when they manage to walk against it, she is highly impressed.

Greed Island Arc


Chimera Ant Arc


After passing the Hunter exam, Ryuji gained all the benefits granted by achieving the status of a Hunter. At the beginning of his journey, his only equipment was his enhanced physical attributes and hand to hand combat training, being able to defeat many skilled fighters even before learning Nen. He was also praised for his ability to think quickly during stressful situations and his amazing levels of stamina. His most incredible quality is his unfathomable levels of potential, with many people claiming it is straight up limitless such as Sarada. This allows Ryuji to learn many difficult techniques that would take years to master in only a fraction of that time, especially in the field on Nen.

Together with his potential for greater power, it is his sheer bravery and unnatural willpower that leaves more experienced and skilled combatants in awe of him and is a crucial component in his vast amount of charisma that causes people to want to be around him. This allows him to keep pushing past his limits and constantly put his life on the line even when he is afraid. Ryuji is a very offensive fighter, stemming from his aggressive nature and his desire to keep on fighting, causing him to keep going until he literally cannot move anymore; a trait that his opponents find severely frustrating. He is a master of close combat, and a lesser pointed out trait of his is his ability to focus even when put under serious physical and mental strain.

Ryuji has developed significant, almost superhuman levels of strength even before learning Nen

Immense strength: Due to years of intense and unorthodox training with his father, Ryuji developed substantial physical strength that can match and even surpass some of the greatest fighters in the world. His father subjected him to training with gorillas, monkeys and many other large and dangerous animals on Mt. Jiraiya. When he was fourteen years old he was able to smash through trees, and rocks, beat a massive grizzly bear into submission using only a metal pipe, and strangle a large snake to death that was trying to eat him. Years later he was able to overpower Makarn, a incredibly large man, and punch him into the ground so hard that it left an imprint of Ryuji's fist on his face. After additional training and learning Nen his strength increased even more.

Immense speed and reflexes: Ryuji also possesses tremendous speed, and reflexes. When fighting against Vajra, he was able to keep up with and outpace the ninja before punching him into a chunk of rock, despite Vajra being incredibly fast. His quick speed allowed him to dodge some of Chihara's attacks before ultimately being outpaced by the much more experienced fighter. While in Heaven's Arena Ryuji was able to attack so fast that the commentator, who himself was a competent Nen user was barely able to keep up with his attacks.

Immense stamina: Even before learning Nen, Ryuji had quite a high amount of stamina. He was able to run for a 100 kilometer race while doing a full sprint without getting tired out, especially impressive because he was doing this in a desert environment. He was able to continue fighting against several attackers during his training to enter the Hunter exams and fought his brother Kido for 2 hours straight without stopping before being defeated.

Immense Durability: Ryuji has shown that he has been able to take a large amount of physical damage without being seriously injured or impaired. As a child, he was brutally beaten by his father Karma during training sessions and was able to get back up time and time again. During the Hunter Exam he was attacked by a large rock to the back of his head thrown by Beat and was only mildly damaged from the blow, then proceeded to defeat the applicant. Most impressively he was attacked by several of Varna's, an extremely powerful Chimera Ant Ko enhanced attacks during their fight and was still able to defeat the ant.

Ryuji's sheer endurance is so great that he can withstand a beating from a Chimera Ant for several hours

Immense Endurance: Possibly Ryuji's best attribute is his sheer endurance, able to withstand massive amounts of punishment without going down, something his father Karma noted even when he was still a small child. This primarily stems from the ruthless training regimens he would receive from his father, which he had to develop monstrous endurance to be able to survive, such as making him stay in a human-sized heater for hours and sometimes days on end, and making fight a plethora of dangerous wild animals. Ryuji was able to withstand a merciless beating from Ginta while fighting in Heaven's Arena and took several hits from the immensely powerful Kenshiro without passing out. He also took an assault from the extremely large Chimera Ant, Bidoh long enough until someone was able to save the captive child that he was using to bribe Ryuji into taking the beating.

Due to years of training with his father, Ryuji is an incredible close combat fighter

Master Hand-to-hand combatant: Due to being trained his entire life by Karma Bang, Ryuji is an outstanding master of unarmed combat, able to take on multiple opponents at once before even learning Nen. He showed enough skill to be able to fend off both Ado and Cabo at the same time, both two highly capable fighters who were born and defeated Janda, a highly trained ninja from Jappon in hand-to-hand combat. His fighting style offensive, straight forward, and brutal, often relying on a great variety of punches, kicks, elbows, knees and even headbutts. He even utilizes powerful throws, holds, chokes. and counters to completely overwhelm his enemy as much as possible.

Ryuji being completely unharmed after being attacked with a flamethrower

Immense Heat Resistance: Ryuji grew up in the desert. On top of that he would train surrounded by large columns of fire. He also trained in a column of fire, unknowingly using Nen to make his aura protect him from the heat. He would even receive various punishments from his father that many would consider very cruel. His family would send him to train in the hottest parts of the desert and as punishment would put him in a special human sized heater that raises the temperature by 5 every 5 minutes. He would usually be in the heater for an hour or two, but sometimes would be left in there for entire days. As a result, he has became extremely resistant, to heat based environments and fire in general, shown when a building was burning down he was able to go inside and save many people's lives due to being the only person who could go in there without dying.


Ryuji is incredibly talented in the art of Nen combat

Ryuji is an Enhancer, being naturally gifted with great strength and recuperative abilities; being more well suited to powers that will enhance his physical and Nen capabilities. Ryuji is said to have an immense talent when it comes to Nen, having massive potential that is just waiting to be explored, with Sarada saying that he had a talent possessed by only one out of ten million people. Due to training with Sarada, he has learned the skills of two other Nen types aside from his own, being Transmutation and Emission which he honed to such a degree that he was able to create powerful Nen abilities. He has mastered the four basic basic techniques and at least six of the advanced ones (the exception being In). He performed Ten on the first try with only vague directions from Sarada and learned along with his friends Geitz and Mai was able to learn Gyo and Ren in a single night.

Ryuji's Immense Aura

Possibly due to his aggressive personality, Ryuji is said to have less control than Mai but has a much larger quantity of aura to release. Sarada said that his aura when he was using Ken was something only a pro Hunter should be able to accomplish. On top of his skills with Enhancement, he was able to output so much aura that Chihara called him a monster. Ryuji's aura is very tied to his emotional state, rising with his anger and determination and granting him immense boosts in power. This was shown when his father Karma Bang killed Ryuji's mother, causing him to input so much aura into his Dragon Fang attack that Karma, a seasoned fighter with much more power than him, had to activate his Nen ability to block it.

Ryuji activating Hellblaze

His Nen ability is called Hellblaze (ヘルブレイズ), a series of techniques where Ryuji transmutes his aura to take on the properties of fire and enhance them to make them more powerful than normal fire. This ability was inspired by the years of fire and resistance training he endured from his father. Sarada noted that while relatively simple, it had the potential to be very powerful. Ryuji can burn the opponent through physical contact (usually with a punch or some other kind of physical attack) or even while keeping at a distance using Emission. Although most Nen users are able to mitigate the deadliness of the flames, they are still burned and hurt from them, especially at higher temperatures. He has learned to regulate the intensity of his flames, making it so that allies only feel warm around him while an enemy would get intensely burned. He must be careful when doing this, as even though he is ridiculously resistant to fire, he is not completely immune, so making the flames too hot could result in him getting burned as well; though he can make the flames raise to incredibly high temperatures without even feeling discomfort.

While Ryuji does use Emission to perform mid to long range attacks, he primarily uses Hellblaze alongside his skills in hand to hand combat. This is because he is a natural Enhancer and is only able to use Emission abilities to 80% capacity, thus when as he separates his aura from his body it will become less powerful the longer it goes on. Thus, Ryuji's primary fighting style consists of physically attacking the opponent, enhancing his physical attributes and his Nen to unleash devastating attacks.

After releasing the Aura Cuffs placed on him by Sarada, both the power and size of Ryuji's aura reserves increased dramatically

As a training method to increase his already monstrous aura, Sarada used her Hatsu on Ryuji that she called Aura Cuffs. By transmuting her aura into the form of shackles, and emitting it she places them on Ryuji's wrists and ankles. She explained that these would help him increase his aura reserves by enforcing a mild yet potent form of Zetsu, the cuffs cut off most of Ryuji's aura except a small amount that he is able to increase. While wearing these cuffs, Ryuji was forced to actively cycle his aura throughout his entire body in order to simply move, let alone fight. This made the need to cycle aura crucial in every part of his daily life. This increased his reserves of aura to exponential amounts. The longer they were worn, the more powerful his aura became. When he finally released the cuffs in his fight against Kenshiro, the boost in aura was so potent that Kenshiro was blown back by the sheer force of the release.

Ryuji's Nen Type: Enhancement
Type:Enhancement and Transmutation Dragon Fang (虎牙() Tatsukiba)
Dragon Fang.png Ryuji's first named technique. Ryuji transmutes his aura into flames and uses Ryu to distribute a percentage of aura into his fist and uses enhancement to increase the strength of his attack, before launching at the opponent with a punch that is encased in flames.
Type:Enhancement, Transmutation, and Emission Dragon Roar (ドラゴンの咆哮() Tatsuhōkō)

Fire Breath.jpg

Ryuji transmutes his aura into flames before using Emission to release fire from his mouth and Enhancement to make the flames stronger.
Type:Enhancement and Transmutation Dragon Surge (ド火炎サージ() Tatsusāji)

Dragon Surge.jpg

Ryuji uses En to extend his aura further away from his body in the form of a circle. He then transmutes his aura into flames and punches the ground, causing a pillar of fire to launch from around him.
Type:Enhancement and Transmutation King Dragon Blaze (ド火炎サージ() Kingutatsukaen)

King Dragon Blaze.png

Ryuji uses Ko to transfer 100% of his aura into his right arm, while using Ren to charge up the strength of the his aura. He then uses Hellblaze and transmutes his aura into flames and take the ship of a large fiery fist around his arm, and punching the opponent with a straight right fist and causing a large fiery explosion. The power of this attack is greatly enhanced when using Ren and is much stronger than a normal Ko enhanced punch. Sarada explained that this is because Ryuji a huge risk by charging the attack and lowering his defenses, which leads to his aura output being increased for the impact of the attack. He put a limitation on the attack that it must be a straight right punch, causing it to be even more powerful. When angered this attack was so powerful that Geitz was afraid it would burn him to a crisp if he got hit with it dead on.
Type:Enhancement and Transmutation Holy Flame (ド火炎サージ() Seinarukaen)

Holy flame.png

Ryuji uses Transmutation to have his aura mimic the properties of fire, he then regulates the heat of the flames to a soothing warm temperature and using Enhancement heals any injuries by covering the afflicted area in fire. This ability can be used on both himself and others.
Type:Transmutation Dragon Claw (ドラゴンクロー() Tatsutsume)

Dragon Claw.gif

Ryuji uses Transmutation to have his aura mimic the properties of fire, and then shapes it into the form of an extremely potent sword of fire. When used it was enough to slice through steel.
Type:Enhancement, Transmutation, and Emission Dragon Blaze (ドラゴンブレイズ() Tatsukaen)

Dragon Blaze.gif

Ryuji transmutes his aura into fire and forms it into the shape of a ball before using Emission to launch it at his opponent, causing an explosion of fire.


  • Ryuji's hand writing is terrible.
  • The name "Ryuji" translates to "Dragon child" in Japanese.
  • Ryuji trains his body everyday in order to maintain his natural strength.
  • Ryuji's favorite thing to eat is dessert.
  • Ryuji's stats are as follows:
Spirit Skill Body Nen Ingenuity Intelligence
4/5 3/5 4/5 4/5 4/5 3/5
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