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Rex Volkeena



Rekkusu Vorukeena

Also Known As

Self Hunter (自己ハンター, Jiko Hantā)

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July 18th

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Gladiator (former)




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Rex Volkeena (レックス・ヴォルケエナ, Rekkusu Vorukeena) is a Hunter and the third main protagonist of Dream × HunterBorn on the Yorbian continent, Rex has little to no memory of his parents and it is assumed that they abandoned him as a child or where killed in some manner. Rather than being sent to an orphanage or a similar fate, however, Rex was adopted by the owner of the Castelia Colosseum and was raised in order to prove his worth in the colosseum itself in order to earn his keep and stay in the area where he was born and where his parents lived. With this in mind, Rex set out to become a powerful gladiator, and continued to train himself in order to become stronger and stronger. As he received training from the various strong warriors that worked in the ring, he developed into a powerful and formidable fighter, at times even capable of fighting on an even playing field with adult combatants if he pushed himself to the limit, as well as developing a familiarity and likeness for gaunlets and other similar weapons. In addition, due to being taught slightly by a variety of fighters that came by in order to test their worth against the powerful and famous gladiators there, Rex gained something of a basic knowledge in Nen (though he did not know it by that name at the time and only had a very, very basic knowledge of the art of manipulating his aura). As he continued to fight as a gladiator, however, Rex developed something of a feeling of dissatisfaction with his overall life and began thinking that his whole life had been decided for him by others before he had even managed to make anything resembling a choice without it. Upon realizing this, Rex decided to become a Hunter, as he had heard of them as people that were able to do anything that they wanted, and therefore he wanted to attain a Hunter's License in order to find out who he really is and what he should really be doing, by any means necessary. With this in mind, he enrolled in the latest Hunter Exam.

During the events of the exam, Rex encountered two fellow applicants, Knave Dhahaka and Lucky Norstein. Becoming friends with the both of them over the course of the examination, Rex agreed to travel along with them following its completion in order to fulfill his goal along with theirs. This decided, the three (along with two other applicants, Sirius and Mercuia) managed to complete the exam and received their Licenses. After this accomplishment, Rex joined the three as they returned to Knave's birthplace and where he grew up, the berg known as Canopy Town. There, they met the powerful Hunter and Knave's father figure, known as Murtaugh, who trained both Rex and Lucky in order to learn and gain a greater degree of profiecience with their Nen. During this training, Rex learned he was a Conjurer and developed his own Nen Skill, referred to as Throw Down. Training completed, the three resumed their journey.

He is referred to as a Self Hunter (自己ハンター, Jiko Hantā), due to his goal.






Nen AbilitiesEdit

Unlike many others, Rex already had limited experience in Nen by the time he participated in the Hunter Examination, acquiring it during his time as a gladiator. Rex was identified as a Conjurer, meaning that he can create independent objects out of his aura. Rex's ability is based on his favored weapon/armor in the arena, an ability called Throw Down.

Rex's Nen Type: Conjuration
Type: Conjuration Throw Down (手袋を投げる(投げ) To Throw Down the Gauntlet)
Placeholder "Throw Down" is Rex's basic technique, in which he utilizes his Nen to create red, dragon/wolf-styled gauntlets around both his hands. These gauntlets, like most Conjuration abilities, have several abilities infused into them. The first and most common is that they boost Rex's strength, making his punches much stronger and faster. The second is the ability to weaponize his Nen, allowing him to fire off bursts, attacks, and create structures out of it (as long as it is attached to the gauntlet). There IS a condition for this ability, however, as Rex may only utilize it on other Nen Users. If he utilizes it on a non-Nen User, he is unable to utilize the technique until the person he attempted to use it against falls unconscious in some manner.
Type: Conjuration Take Up (受けて立つ(取り上げる) To Accept Somebody's Challenge; To Take Up the Gauntlet)
Placeholder "Take Up" is an evolved version of Throw Down, focused more on speed and Nen-based attacks. In this state, the gauntlets are no longer in their wolf/dragon-esque shape, and now seem to be made up of individual red bands that cover his upper forearms and hands, this time leaving his fingers exposed. In addition, there always seems to be a faint red glow of aura around them. These gauntlets are focused entirely on speed, and allow Rex's attacks to move even faster than before. In addition, Rex can utilize a greater amount of Nen weaponization strikes, and can create more complex constructs with them. However, to compensate for this, Rexhas added more conditions on top of the originals. Rex can only utilize this ability against those he perceives as an enemy, or are in the process of or have attacked him.

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Natural Abilities Edit

Superhuman Strength and Durability-

Superhuman Speed-

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