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Raion Akuma (ラヨンアクマ, Rayon'akuma) is the founder, leader of the scared beast and is known by the code name lion he is a grade A assassin with a high bounty on his head, sometimes even compared to the Zoldyck family . His physical strength ranks first in the group.


Raions appearance when he meets up with KuroKami

Raion is the tallest and the most muscular member of the sacred beast he has green eye brown hair that goes to the bottom of his neck. He also has a tattoo on his right arm and a little one on his left wrist both of these can also store nen to make a big attack. Raion wares brown dress shoes with jeans and a belt and a red t-shirt or a black tank top along with a cross necklace and he is always seen with a big fur coat and like all member of the sacred beast raion has a tattoo of a lion on the center of his back.


Raion contemplating if he should stop killing

Raion is a typical Enhancer: determined, head-strong, simple, and sometimes disrespectful. He is barbaric in manner, viewing even pain merely as a nuisance. Like all members of the Sacred beast , Raion never hesitated to kill and was remorseless in doing so. Although raion does kill he doesn't necessarily like killing as he seems it as pooring and unenjoyable, even though he doesn't like killing He particularly enjoys fighting against skilled opponents, but he typically rushes into battle without a plan. However, despite often rushing into battle and fighting in a barbaric manner, he was extremely resourceful, being able to defeat th skilled Nen users. Although he prefered to fight alone, Raion became stronger when fighting with a partner, because he fought better when there was someone else to protect.


Raion on the streets of York New City

Raion grew up on the streets of york new city struggling to survive along with his younger brother and sister Kurokami and Amatsu from time to time they would hang out with the current sacred best spider Kumo but Raion got caught up working for the mafia and soon after and at the age of 9 became a hunter after that he became a top assassin along with his brother and at the age of 16 Raion and Kurokami started to travel the world to find the rest of the members and later Amatsu along with Kumo gather the members that Raion didn't get. during the early phases of the sacred beast Raion and his siblings met Chrollo Lucilfer and he tried too take Raions nen but he found it to be more difficult than normal.

Abilities & Powers

Raion killing someone with just a punch

Immense Strength: Raion is one of the strongest humans in the series, ranking first in arm wrestling even in the sacred beast, whose members are all endowed with superhuman brawn. He can destroy the rock, tear apart normal humans with a swing of his arm, and bend reinforced metal with ease. It takes just one hit for him to kill an average person or weaker Nen users. He can throw rocks over a distance of more than one mile, giving them the strength of sniper bullets. Moreover, he can stop a bullet fired at point-blank range with just his teeth. He can bite through the skulls of competent Nen users, and by hitting the ground, he can raise large dust smokescreens, create deep holes or send boulders flying against his enemy.

Enhanced Speed and Reflexes: Raion showcased superhuman speed when confronting the mobsters, mowing down a countless number of them in mere minutes.

Advanced Agility: Raion is able to jump from one building to another with ease.

Enhanced Durability: Even without aura, Raion body is sturdier than average, which he demonstrated by surviving a beating from kurokami while the latter was using Ryu or Ko and has his physical strength enhanced by his nen.

Enhanced Stamina: Raion was capable of exterminating an army of Mafia members and confronting some of the phantom troupe members minutes later, all without breaking a sweat. Later that same night, he also fought kurokami without his abilities seemingly being affected.

Enhanced Endurance: Raion is very resistant to pain, as he didn't react when Kurokami completely shatered his arm and he didn't react. He could bear the mafias tremendous beating without selling out his comrades or passing out. He did not even flinch when the mafia ripped off two chunks of his flesh.

Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Raion holds some skills in bare-handed combat, although he mainly relies on sheer strength to overpower and crush his opponents. His blows usually have his full weight behind them, meaning he aims to maximize their power even if it means leaving an opening for the opponent.


Raion's Nen Type: Enhancement
Type: Enhancer Crushing Paw (砕ける足, Kudakeru ashi)
6495513-8591321669-saita.gif Crushing Paw Raion covers his hand in Ko taking the form of a claw making it stronger then even iron and Raion can cover more of his arms to have and even stronger effect
Type: Enhancer Target Locate (ハンターロケート, Hantārokēto)
UnOrdinary Hunter Reticle.jpg Target Locate, Raion uses gyo on his eye but also adds his nen making his eyes more advanced his eyes move faster so he can see things moving at light speed and he can see all forms of nen and once this ability is activated it doesn't stop until raion manually turns it of so he doesn't have to focus on using it
Type: Enhancer and Trasmission Black Leg (黒脚, Kuro ashi)
Main-qimg-89fb87baf0db7f0165930bac6f210a9a.gif Black Leg Raion covers his feet in aura making his feet not only have more powerful of kicks but it also make him faster and he's much more agile
Type: Emission and Transmission Cruel Sun ( 残酷な太陽, Zankokuna taiyō)
AmUMSV.gif Cruel Sun Raion can make a ball of fire making it so compress to make a sun the size of these suns can very in sizes
Type: Emission Planetary Devastation ( 惑星の荒廃, Wakusei no kōhai)
OrangeLiquidHarpyeagle-max-14mb.gif Planetary Devastation Raion releases a giant ball of aura and send it after a target that target and anything around it are completely crush
Type: Transmission Igneous Breath ( 火成ブレス, Kasei buresu)
733d6e6eaccd30f5d760b3393715a4fabcdd02c8 hq.gif Igneous Breath Raion breaths in as much as he can and when he breaths out he sends out a giant ball of fire and turns everything it touches to ash
Type: Specialist Lion Armor ( ライオンアーマー, Raion'āmā)
892740141606e744c3f324e501893249.gif Lion Armor raion uses all of his remaining men and releases all the stored up men in his tattoos to enhance his entire body maxing it out to the limit making him stronger, faster, and more agile in this state he could block uvogin big bang impact with one hand

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