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Psychic Powers (精神力, Seishin-ryoku), is a term given to Advanced Aura powers that include simultaneous use of more than one or even all of the Five Aura Types. As a result very few know how to use these latent powers and often remain dormant within most. Those that can use these powers are referred to as Espers. Although most Espers can use all Psychic Abilities, some prefer to only specialize in one or two abilities. However, all Espers have a basic ability known as Extrasensory Perception which is a passive ability gained upon learning to use Psychic Powers. Psychic powers require alot of training and focus to use and can become volatile and out of control if an Esper's mental state is not sound.

Known Psychic AbilitiesEdit

Extrasensory PerceptionEdit






Energy HealingEdit

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