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Orpheus Sylvester

オーフィアス シルベスター


Ōfiasu Shirubesutā


Male Male






April 8

Hair Color

Black and White

Eye Color


Blood Type



Blacklist Hunter


Hunters Association


Unnamed Parents
Apollo Sylvester



Orpheus Sylvester (オーフィアス シルベスター, Ōfiasu Shirubesutā) is a Blacklist Hunter and affiliated with the Hunters Association. He was formerly the student of Lucian Zarkov, learning the concept of Nen at a surprisingly fast pace. Having his family butchered by a female assassin, Orpheus vows to understand the reason why his family was murdered and, if necessary, gain his own justice. He competed in the 290th Hunter Examination, and was one of five succeeding applicants.

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Orpheus Sylvester's Nen Type: Enhancement
Type: Enhancement Skater (宇宙鳥(スケーター) Space Bird)
Skater "Skater" is a Hatsu ability of Orpheus that allows him to use his Nen as a propelling agent for his skateboard, giving it the ability to fly across a significant distance if used correctly. He does this through specifically enhancing the ability for the flamethrower-like mechanism at the back of his skateboard to send out fuel, which allows him to do so. He appears to use Skater as a means to also engage in aerial combat with his opponents, making him a highly difficult opponent to catch.
Type: Specialization Law Enforcement (死刑判決(ローエンフォースメント) Death Sentence)
DeathSentence "Law Enforcement" is an ability awakened by Orpheus later in his career as a Hunter under Lucian Zarkov. Unlike most Specialists, who generally appear to be Conjurers or Manipulators, Orpheus' Enhancement category caused him to be out of the box. Law Enforcement is an ability which allows him to negate the use of other Nen abilities in close proximity to himself. The conditions for this ability however, are quite harsh. Firstly, in order to optimize the function of this ability, Orpheus may only use it on registered criminals, otherwise causing his own Nen abilities to be permanently sealed. Secondly, the ability must have been used against him directly in some way or another. Thirdly, Orpheus must be in direct contact with the ability, which allows him to apparently conduct a form of Zetsu against it, though the exact specifications aren't known. As such, while a potent ability, its various limitations make it difficult to use in a conventional battle situation.

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  • Orpheus' appearance is influenced by Death the Kid from the series Soul Eater.