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Ohara Ryuk is a Hunter and the last known member of the Ryuk Family. She was previously a slave of the Hyugoro Family before being being freed by Ryuji Bang. She is now a member of the Red Hood.


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Ohara is a pale-skinned young woman with large crimson red eyes, and very long, crimson red hair that keeps in two large waist-length braids that are tied together behind her back; when she utilizes her Nen ability, her hair is incredibly long, flowing and can be manipulated at her own discretion. She has full lips and crimson red eyes, which she almost always keeps fully open, along with the way she tilts her head, perpetually raised eyebrows, and the visible bags under her eyes. Despite her seemingly deranged appearance, Ohara is a beautiful young woman with a curvaceous body. She is somewhat short being 167.64 cm (5'5). On her left shoulder she possesses an X-shaped scar that she received as a child, and previously on her right breast she had a brand of the Hyugoro Family's crest but this was healed and replaced with a tattoo of the Ryuk Family logo.

Ohara wears a very long crimson red dress which leaves most of her upper body, such as her her back, sides and a large portion of her chest exposed. The dress reaches all the way down to her calves. She also wears long red clothes and red high heels.


Ohara's sadistic nature

Initially, Ohara was seen as someone who is very violent and sadistic, taking pleasure in the suffering of others as seen when she seemed to be enjoying Ryuji's pain in their battle; having a somewhat twisted personality and enjoying the suffering of others. This is also seen when she was the torture expert for the Hyugoro Family, seemingly enjoying the pain that she inflicted on them. She took her rank as a Captain of the Hyugoro family quite serious, and didn't hesitate to remind the lower ranked members of the family that she ranked higher than they did.

Ohara crying as she apolgizes to Ryuji and Mai

In reality, all of this was developed in order to cope with the physical and emotional abuse that she suffered at the hands of the family that she was serving; due to being forced into slavery by them at the young age of eleven. Ohara does not enjoy other people's suffering, unless they have done something bad to herself or someone she cares about; but kept up the façade in order to make the family believe that she had become one of them. After being defeated, and freed from the family by Ryuji Ohara starts to show a different side to her personality, becoming more kind but still with a violent temper. She has shown that she really does have a good heart, as she apologized for the pain she inflicted on Mai Mizunoko, and was deeply ashamed of herself for being able to cause people to suffer the way that she did.

After leaving the Hyugoro family, Ohara became a more enjoyable person to be with

Ohara shows a much softer, and more understanding side once someone becomes important to her, as she did with Ryuji and Mai; laughing around them and just generally being a more pleasant person to be around. She became much kinder, friendlier, and open with her feelings, with people even saying she is fun to be around. She is shown to be very compassionate, as when Ryuji told her of the abuse he suffered at the hands of his father, she cried for him; despite the latter not really being affected by it. She is also shown to be very empathetic, as after she was freed her from the family she was shown crying after remembering the awful things she's done to people in the past, and now wants to make up for that by being a better person.

This does not extend to her enemies or anyone who hurts her or the people that she cares for, as Ohara is capable of reawakening her cold and ruthless side in battle against the people she despises, such as when she intimated Nanashi Hyugoro when he came to retrieve her. Ohara also has a pretty short temper, and was known within the family to lash out violently against her subordinates when they did not please her. This trait has calmed down somewhat after leaving, though she can still become violently angry at certain times.

Ohara asks Ryuji if she can accompany him

Ohara has a great amount of love and respect for Ryuji Bang, as he was the one who in her mind saved her from serving the Hyugoro family for the rest of her life, which she considered to be a fate worse than death. She took it as a personal insult when Ace Nanami rejected Ryuji's invitation to join his team. This feeling eventually evolved into her falling in love with the young man, and to become willing to due anything to keep him safe from harm; as she refuses to lose another person close to her. As such, she has willingly risked her life on his behalf, such as when he was about to be attacked from behind by Bael and she jumped in front of the attack.



Abilities and Powers

Enhanced strength:

Enhanced speed and reflexes:

Enhanced stamina:

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Proficient Hand-to-hand combatant:

Immense Pain Tolerance:


Ohara has large aura reserves and the skill to use them effectively

Ohara is a Manipulator, being gifted with the ability to take control of people or objects using her aura. She is a very skilled Nen user, able to hold her own against Ryuji Bang and later fight and defeat several lower class chimera ants as well as a Squadron Leader, Valm. She is capable of using all of the principles of Nen, including the seven advanced ones (though by her own admission she is not very good at utilizing En), and when using Ken she was able to withstand a blow from Valm using Ko. Ohara also is noted to have a large aura reserve, as she was capable of keeping her Nen ability active for several hours. Aside from Manipulation, Ohara is very skilled in Enhancement which she uses to great effect to both cause it to grow exponentially longer, and be much stronger.

Ohara activating Overgrowth

Her Nen ability is called Overgrowth, a series of techniques where Ohara uses Enhancement to grow her hair rapidly, causing it to become incredibly long at her own discretion. Utilizing Enhancement, the hair becomes far more durable than when the ability is inactive, being unable to be cut by almost anything. By using her natural Nen affinity of Manipulation, Ohara can manipulate her hair to take the form of almost any shape that she desires, ranging from blades, to hands, to even constructs made from her hair. When using Overgrowth, Ohara's hair becomes unnaturally strong and nigh-on impervious to damage; being even able to block bullets from a gun and other Nen abilities without taking the slightest bit of damage. This is due to the strict condition she put on her Hatsu, which is that if Ohara's hair somehow manages to be cut while the ability is active she will immediately be drained of all of her aura, leaving her completely defenseless and very weak until her aura returns to her. This made her ability much more powerful than it would be normally, due to being a natural Manipulator and under normal circumstances only able to use Enhancement to 60%.

Ohara's Nen Type: Manipulation
Type: Manipulation and Enhancement Dire Wolf (ダイアウルフ() Giant Wolf)

Dire Wolf.png

Ohara enhances the strength of her hair and manipulates it into the front half of a large, furry wolf, complete with clawed forelegs, blank eyes, a canine nose, pair of ears and a mouth full of massive sharp teeth. This technique is mainly used for combative purposes as the strength of Ohara's hair allows the Dire Wolf to do devastating damage if it makes contact with the opponent. Aside from combat, the Dire Wolf has been shown to have other uses. Due to seemingly being at least partly-sentient when active, it has the ability of enhanced senses and is capable of tracking people by scent.
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