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Nick Heinkel is the second son of two Assassins and younger brother to the heir of the Heinkel Family. He is currently travelling searching for the dog that ran away; even though he knows the dog for sure is dead but stubbornly does not give in.

Appearance Edit

Nick's general appearance is in loose clothing where he has a blue coat over a brown [old fashioned] suit - as well as his dads scarf which he wraps around himself uniquely. Nick's clothing attire is also made up of gloves and his mothers ring.

He is characterised by Brown hair, and although his eyes are actually brown; people say that his eyes glitter like gold. His outwards appearance is the majority of the time a dull and oblivious person; this is meant for enemies as a trap to trick enemies into thinking he cannot help himself in distressed situations.

Personality Edit

His older brother mentions him to have masochistic tendencies and being timid, but a mythology enthusiastic and an avid reader. Dan Heinkel discerns him to be always paying attention to his surroundings. But, he is somewhat sensitive about being gloomy.

When he became a Hunter, Nick was happy because he was not chosen due to his capability to be make a possible power nen user and hunter, a force that he was born to master. After he joined with the Hunter's Association, his pride feelings of inferiority became even stronger, as all his fellow Hunters were first-class in terms of their own abilities. Even so, he chose to whole-heartedly do his best to protect the innocent and improve his abilities as a Hunter, but his inferiority complex grew even larger after everything was rendered meaningless.

He would at times feel intense feelings of jealousy and frustration when a complete amateur even more remarkable or capable than him was the one to take the stage and accomplish more than he could.

History Edit

Nick grew up with his brother training him and teaching him after his tenth birthday to become a capable assassin - especially since he wanted his little to brother to survive in the world after their parents were killed by 'nasty people'.

Living a peaceful, loving and mostly uneventful childhood, Nick didn't feel the need to hold any grudges against people

... still continuing ...

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Nen Edit

Nick is a Transmuter who is an extremely skilled Nen user, undoubtedly on par with at least two of the Phantom Troupe members. Aside from his natural type (as a transmuter), he is very proficient in Emission and Conjuration - since one of Nicks aura constructs can remain into existence while being several kilometres away from, Nick has also being able to conjure an almost impregnable armour (the Ice Emperor) even without the use of enhancements. Having almost completely mastered conjuration and emission, Nick can create unbelievably large ice shards or golems that have an immense effect on the area. Nick has become so accustomed to the cold that he can replicate below freezing temperatures. That just by standing next him, your limbs could frost and essentially fall off; or result in the surrounding atmosphere to become so dense its hard to breathe - and one could suffer from cold burning pains inside your body.

Nick Heinkel Nen Type: Transmutation

Type: Transmutation Frost Palm
Nick's most basic attack, and one that he mimicked from quite a few nen users. It allows for the quick stunning and freezing of opponents; if he lands a blow to a fatal part on the body, the ice would block the opponents nen slowly weakening them all the while having to put up with frostbite and excruciating pain.
Type: Transmutation and Emission Ice Shard
Nick's Ice Shards can be fired to a near unlimited degree, acting as both defensive and offensive measures - where the ice shards are larger than the size of a car. They even have the packaged punch of a missile and strength of steel, the shards after impact instantaneously effect spread across the surrounding area trapping anything and everything in ice.
Type: Conjuration and Transmutation Ice Emperor
Ice emporer
The strongest usage of Nick's nen in his arsenal; the Ice Emperor. This allows Nick via the wielding of sword can unleash deadly ice attacks (as well as creating ice walls). Formed from the aura extended in the sword from his bodies.

This remains Nicks favourite as it allows a defensive measure for physical attacks and the ability to handle short-ranged attacks to long-ranged attacks.

Type: Transmutation and Emission Warrior
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Nick can transmute his aura into a tangible extension of his body, which he can hurl at opponents; the effects of this are unknown since through the use of emission the figures can be varied in height and temperature. The 'warriors' created can continue to exist for an unspecified amount of time even after being detached from his body.

Since this ability consists of Nick extending his aura to produce attacks and altering its shape (including the separation from his body), Warrior can be classified as a transmutation ability.