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Merusesu Avantagureido

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Blood Oath: Dismembering Contract

Melzhez Avantgreid (メルセス アヴントゥグレイド Merusesu avunto~ugureido) is a recurring character of the fanon series of Hunter × Hunter.


Melzhez is a slim young man with blonde hair and blue eyes, with a generally innocent demeanor. He has his hair on his left side shaved and dyed to white. He generally wears a white coat on top of a black button up shirt and a red vest. He pairs this with striped formal trousers with one of the pant legs shortened to above his knee. His shoes are red casual sneakers.

Personality Edit

Melzhez is generally unassuming, and anyone without knowledge of the horrible things he's done and seen would simply assume he's a meek, harmless young man. This could not be further from the truth.

Melzhez is highly desensitized to violence, immorality, cruelty and sadness, and can as a result entirely ignore any of the above. His time as a loan shark has effectively utilised this, and made him one of the worst people to have a hold of your life or money imaginable.

Some things about Melzhez that appear externally are true however. Melzhez is infinitely curious, loves teasing others and loves jokes of all varieties. His timing for any of these qualities are always questionable, but present nonetheless.

Whilst he may seem somewhat out of the loop and clueless, he is devious, cunning and highly observant. He picks up on subliminal messaging, lies and traps with terrifying ease, making him nearly impossible to fool. He himself is an impeccable conman and liar, and rarely tells the truth.


Melzhez was born to a rich family, never needing to lift a finger to get what he wanted. His parents paid no attention to him, so he was essentially raised by his servants. His servants would have to watch Melzhez day in and day out, as Melzhez did seemingly nothing. Time proved this to be false, as students from his school would go missing, and nobody would search for them. Melzhez wasn't one for arguments, and had made sure to solve then in the only way he knew how, removing them. He was eventually caught, and was sent to a juvenile prison, where he spent a good majority of his life. There, he became stronger, far more cunning, and left the prison as a king.

Using his new knowledge of crime, and being the proper age to work, he started his own loan company. This company seemed fair, until those who couldn't pay turned up dead, or met fates far worse. He currently plans to take the hunter exam so he can travel freely to other countries and make his company go global.


None yet.


Melzhez doesn't carry too much on him, only a pen, a notebook, a Benz Knife he acquired through painstaking costs,

Abilities and PowersEdit

Melzhez lacks as a fighter for the most part, but is capable of defending himself if needed. Having taken numerous self defense classes and regularly working out, he's not a weakling, but pales in comparison to pro fighters.

Melzhez is quite capable intellectually, however. His incredible attention to detail, quick thinking and creativity have been praised time and time again. Those who underestimate Melzhez are in for quite a surprise, as he fights battles of the mind, not of the body.

He's an incredible strategist, and can plan out battles efficiently, usually doing quite a bit of research about his opponents.

Stats Edit

Time of Documentation Spirit Skill Strength Nen Talent Intelligence
Current Stats: Most Recent 2/5 2/5 2/5 0/5 3/5 5/5

Nen AbilitiesEdit

Current: Edit

Currently, Melzhez hasn't unlocked his aura.

Future: Edit

Later on, when Melzhez does unlock his aura, he discovers that he is a Specialist, and goes on to create Blood Oath, his Hatsu.

Melzhez Avantgreid's Nen Type: Specialist
Blood Oath (血の宣誓 (契約の解体) Dismembering Contract)
200px |As a specialist, Melzhez's ability is rather bizarre. He is able to form a contract with up to three targeted individuals if all of the conditions are met.
  1. Melzhez must make physical contact with the target, and has a window of 1 minute to activate the ability after touching them.
  2. Melzhez must be able to see the target in his line of sight within a timespan of 5 seconds to activate the ability.
  3. Melzhez must know his target's first name, surname, or alias to activate the ability on them.
  4. Melzhez must have some way of forming a contract with the target, be it their fingerprint, a drop of blood, or a written signature.
  5. Melzhez cannot use this ability on anyone who is incapable of speech or hearing, is under the age of 13, or cannot agree or disagree verbally.
  6. Melzhez cannot activate his ability on more than three individuals, including himself.
  7. Melzhez may not use this ability on anyone who is missing any body parts not removed by his ability.
  8. When activating the ability, Melzhez must say "You've made some mistakes, not once or twice, and your payment will not suffice. So let's begin a simple game, to see if you can pay the price. Blood Oath, start." If he fails to complete the whole phrase, the ability will fail, and all the conditions will reset, requiring each to be met one more time before another attempt at usage.
  9. Attempting to activate this ability on any target who does not fall under all of the conditions will shorten Melzhez's lifespan by one year. If Melzhez fails to meet any of these conditions on his own accord, he loses two years off of his lifespan.

After meeting all of them, Melzhez can begin offering the target a contract, which will conjure a piece of paper with the target's name written on it, and a spinner with a varying range of body parts on the bottom, each being labeled with a visual representation and a word representing them.

The variations of the spinner are;

LPinky, LRingFinger, LMiddleFinger, LPointerFinger, LThumb, RThumb, RPointerFinger, RMiddleFinger, RRingFinger, RPinky, RLung, LLung, RArm, LArm, RHand, LHand, LLittleToe, LFourthToe, LMiddleToe, LIndexToe, LBigToe, RBigToe, RIndexToe, RMiddleToe, RFourthToe, RLittleToe, LEye, REye, Nose, Mouth, LKnee, RKnee, Heart, Stomach, RKidney, LKidney, Spleen, Liver, RLeg, LLeg, and the two "None" results.

He must offer each individual ten offers, each with a positive and a negative aspect. The positive must correspond with the weight of the negative, as the negative must also correspond with the positive. The usage of the ability also has it's own fair share of restrictions, these are;

  1. While using this ability, Melzhez cannot dispel the ability until all ten offers have been either denied or accepted.
  2. He must explain what happens to the target if they fail to meet his conditions in detail, without leaving anything out. The more specific he is, the stronger the ability can be.
  3. He must attempt to show his target the contract when the ability activates.
  4. The offers must be heard in order to take effect, and can only work if the target hears them.
  5. The ability stops working once the target has left a range of 50 meters from their contract.
  6. The ability stops working if Melzhez is 50m away from any of the contracts.
  7. He must attempt to show the target the spinner on the bottom of the page and announce the result of the spin out loud, proclaiming "Oh no! The result is ____!" If he fails to say this, it has no effect, and it counts as an offer.
  8. Once the spinner lands on a spot, or if the spot would no longer take anything, the spot disappears from the spinner.
  9. The piece of paper and the pen which writes out everything that Melzhez offers cannot be destroyed by normal means. Exorcism can remove the contract, but neither nen or normal destructive means can eliminate the contract.
  10. The spinner cannot be stopped manually, and will activate with a touch from Melzhez, and will not work until that happens.
  11. Any target who refuses to answer will lose one part of their body which is decided by a spinner on the bottom of the piece of paper the ability takes place on. Another offer of smaller significance must be made to fill it's place, not detracting from the total.
  12. If Melzhez dies, the ability stops.
  13. If Melzhez becomes incapable of speech or hearing a response, the ability stops.
  14. Whatever Melzhez offers is written down of the piece of paper by the pen, and cannot be taken back.
  15. If Melzhez attempts to stop in the middle of an offer, he loses a year of his life. The same goes for mispronouncing anything or misspeaking.
  16. Melzhez must make an offer every five minutes, or it will count towards the total, have no effect, and take a year of his life.
  17. Melzhez cannot use either his pen or paper to harm his opponents directly.
  18. If the opponent accepts his offer, the effects will occur. If an opponent declines, Melzhez can spin the spinner and have them lose something.
  19. If the opponent declines half or more of the offers, Melzhez can spin the spinner every time he makes an offer.
  20. Melzhez can only use a contract on one person twice, and then it will never work again on them.
  21. If Melzhez's target comes out of the offers alive, with more than half of the offers accepted, Melzhez loses his access to his ability for a week.
  22. If Melzhez's target comes out of the offers alive, with half or less than half of the offers, he can spin the spinner one more time, and will lose access to that contract slot for four hours.
  23. If Melzhez's target dies while under his ability, Melzhez will need to wait for two hours before he can use the contract slot again.

Other SkillsEdit



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