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June 6th

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Maxim (father)



Max (マックス Makkusu) is the protagonist of the fanon series of Hunter × Hunter. He is a hunter examinee from the 300th Hunter Examination. He lives in Bleike City, as a freeloader in Gin's Laundromat, alongside Ilye.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Max in manga color.

Max is a young boy with green, spiky hair and gray eyes. He's of average build for his age but is a little short when compared to his friends and companions.

His primary outfit is rather simple; consisting of a green jacket, a white t-shirt, green pants, and beige sneakers. He can also be seen carrying his main weapon (a mop) on his back.

Max's first outfit was his school uniform: A standard black buttoned shirt with matching pants, white shoes, and a dark-colored backpack.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Max is mostly described as an impulsive person, most often acting in accordance to his emotions or mood at the time. He's also rather short-tempered and rude, often disregarding the opinions of those older and wiser than himself. However, even with this initial attitude, he shows care and love for close to him and would gladly sacrifice himself to save people in danger, neglecting the dangers.

Whenever confronted by enemies whose morals clash with his own, Max starts to attack directly without thinking the situation over, destroying many things in his immediate vicinity, also showing a lack of control over some of his abilities.

Max can lose his discernment quite easily, although he denies it. He is also extremely clumsy and oblivious, constantly forgetting what he was going to do or failing at the simplest tasks. He likes to be original, and despises those that are "mainstream". He especially loses his temper when Ilye calls him "Shepherd-san" (牧人さん bokujin-san), because he carries Gullier around.

Above all, Max is very driven by his personal beliefs and cares deeply for anyone that helped him along his journey. He does, however, seem to have a strange relationship with his father, showing a certain discomfort and a much more gloomy demeanor when around him.

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Skills and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Enhanced Speed: It is quite noticeable that Max is very fast, capable of coursing several kilometers of land in a matter of hours or minutes. He also boasts great reflexes, being able to avoid incoming attacks that pack great speed and strength.

Enhanced Strength: Max showed to be one of the most physically fit candidates for his year's Hunter Examinations, and seems to have tremendous levels of strength (possibly due to his natural affinity to Enhancement techniques), in comparison to the others. He commonly works out his arm strength and therefore gained skills in that field.

Nen Abilities[edit | edit source]

Max is an Enhancer, with a set of skills he named Mop Up (モップアップ 「はわく」 Sweep).

Max's Nen Type: Enhancement
Mop Up (はわく(モップアップ) Sweep)
MaxHatsu.png As an Enhancer, Max has the power to increase the skills and overall power of an object. In his case, Max developed Mop Up, a technique that concentrates his aura around his mop (through Shu) to increase the strands' length considerably. Mop Up's most useful characteristic is its unique plethora of possibilities, as Max can use his mop to perform various attacks.
Type: Enhancement Whip (むちつる(ウィップ) Whip Vine)
MaxHatsu3.png "Whip", as the name indicates, is the application of "Mop Up" to lash the target with the strands of Max's mop. It is more effective when used with momentum.
Type: Enhancement Grip (ばくつる(グリップ) Binding Vine)
MaxHatsu2.png "Grip" is used to bind the opponents with the enlarged strands, rendering them unable to move or attack.
Type: Enhancement Bomb (ほうつる(ボム) Cannon Vine)
MaxHatsu6.png A combination attack: by using "Grip" to lock the target in place and make them defenseless, Max throws himself at his target, punching him/her with great force.
Type: Enhancement Launch (ぱちんこつる(ローンチ) Slingshot Vine)
MaxHatsu4.png Max came up with "Launch" while in a battle. By extending his mop's strands and strapping them around two pillars, he created enough tension in the central point to hold a person, and quickly release it, striking the opponent, functioning like a slingshot or a human catapult.

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