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Mai Mizunoko


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September 1st

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Mai Mizunoko is a Sea Hunter and one of the few rookies who passed the 285th Hunter Exam. She is the best friend of Ryuji Bang and has accompanied him ever since they took the Hunter Exam together, eventually going on to join his group the Red Hood. She currently works for the Ocean Dream, a company that specializes in taking voyages within deep parts of the ocean. She is currently planning on taking an expedition to the Dark Continent to study the incredibly rare and unknown sea life there.


Mai is a fair-skinned young woman with large brown eyes and long, golden-blond hair that she keeps tied up with ribbons of various different colors in a small pony tail to the right side of her hair, with the rest of it being let loose down her shoulers. She occasionally wears her hair in various different styles including, pig tails, twins buns, fully down, and French braids. Her hair grew considerably longer during her adventures. According to Ryuji, he's never seen anyone do their hair as fast as her. She is a beautiful women with a somewhat short height of 167.64 cm (5'5) with a curvaceous yet athletic build due to years of physical fitness.

She has a pink tattoo of a fairy, her favorite mythical creature stamped on the back of her right hand. Unlike her friends, she does not consistently wear the same outfit and has a variety of different clothes that she wears along her adventures. Though Geitz said it was pointless since they were probably going to get messed up anyway. She always has a belt that keeps her skirt up and holds her whip that is shaped with a heart on the end, and often some kind of boots.



Mai is a mischievous, cheeky, and clever young woman, with a penchant for being confidant in her appearance. She takes a lot of pride in how she looks and can be seen as quite vain and a bit superficial. She is also a whimsical, social, and seemingly rather optimistic person who is very easy to get along with and was very good at making friends once she left her home island. Her vanity was mostly due to her father enforcing the belief that a woman had to always be perceived as perfect to have any value in the world, a belief that she does not share at all and, though she has acknowledged that she genuinely knows she is beautiful and does still maintain pride in her looks but disregarding her mother's view of women.

Mai has shown that she is also a remarkably kind-hearted and compassionate young woman, as when Ryuji told her of the abuse he suffered at the hands of his father, she cried for him; despite the latter not really being affected by it. The same thing happened again when Sarada told her of her tragic past, showing that Mai is incredibly empathetic. She is also usually willing to help those in need, almost risking her life to save people from a burning building before Ryuji ran in there first. Despite this, she is not afraid to tell people no and has been deemed as selfish sometimes when in reality she is very goal-oriented.

Mai attempting to use her good looks to swindle Ryuji

Mai has a massive love for money, stemming from her impoverished lifestyle as a child and often berates her friends when she thinks they are spending too much money. When she is around a large sum of money she has been compared to behaving like a child in a candy store, and due to this love for money she has also developed a shopping addiction; especially in regards to shopping for clothes. She admits that while loving the sea and it's creatures are the main reason why she wants to become a Hunter, she is also in it largely for the money Hunters make as well as having the opportunity to find underwater treasure.

Despite her initial vain attitude, Mai secretly has rather low self-esteem especially in regards to social situations and making friends. Due to being bullied and seen as a weird person because of her love of being in the water, she is initially somewhat nervous when meeting new people, often saying things that she may think were stupid to say when she looks back on the conversation. This changes when she spends more time with Ryuji Bang, who's boisterous attitude and immense pride seemed to have rubbed off on her a bit, causing her to be much more confidant than she initially was.


Mai as a child on Crescent Moon Island

Mai was born and raised on Crescent Moon Island, a small island that is largely visited as a fishermen site but rarely visited by travelers. She was born as the youngest child of Sigma and Chie Mizunoko, and the little sister of Yosuke and Hanabi. Unlike her siblings and parents, Mai always loved being in the water and would spend hours in the wilderness by herself swimming. She was often bullied by other children around her neighborhood for being a weird girl, calling her "fish-head" due to all the time she spent in the water. Mai didn't particularly love her home life either. She never got along with her older brothers who also teased her for her hobby and didn't get along well with her mother at all, as she constantly tried to enforce Mai to act more what she viewed as "lady-like". The only person she loved being around was her father, but he unfortunately died of an unknown disease when she was seven years old. Mai took to being mischievous as a way to get more people to like her, acting like a class clown and pulling pranks on adults to get kids to stop referring to her as the weird girl.

One day at the age of nine while diving in the ocean, Mai's foot became caught in between rocks and she was unable to free herself between them. Panicking, she tried frantically to free herself but ended up breaking her ankle and was unable to swim up to the surface. Just as she began to pass out a man swam down and grabbed her, saving her life and bringing her back to the surface. When she woke up she thanked the man, who revealed his name to be Marco. He asked her what she was doing so far down the ocean, but she immediately got defensive and asked him the same thing. Marco told her that he was a Sea Hunter, and explained to her what a Hunter was and that he was one that specifically looked for new sea life and treasure. Infatuated with what he was saying, she proclaimed that she wanted to be a Sea Hunter as well. Marco told her she should wait until she's older and take the Hunter Exam. Before departing, Marco told her to meet him again when she became a Hunter and departed from Crescent Moon Island and Mai told him that it was a promise.

Mai grew up to be an incredibly beautiful young woman, something that would help her attain money

Mai and her family were quite poor compared to most of their island and she would frequently have to hunt fish in order to survive. She realized that the Hunter Exam would probably not be free and started looking for ways to earn money. At first she began doing odd jobs for it but when she wasn't making enough, she started looking for other ways. Mai grew up to be a very beautiful young woman and would use this newfound charm to swindle boys that used to make fun of her into giving her their money with the promise of going on a date with them. She then started using her good looks to swindle men that would come visiting the island such as pirates or fisherman; convincing them to give her money or offering herself to them only to disappear once she claimed the money. She did this for years without getting caught until she earned enough money to begin buying more and more things for her family, but keeping most of the money to herself.

From then on Mai spent even more time in the water before, training her body to be able to survive in water for extended periods of time. At the age of 18, Mai got ready to depart from her home, saying goodbye to her mother, who told her that despite their differences she will always love her daughter. Mai got on a ship and departed to take the Hunter Exam.

Mai is also remarkably intelligent, having a keen eye for details and was usually the one who suggested plans amongst her friends; with her plans going right most of the time. She loved to read and spent a lot of her free time reading if she wasn't swimming as a kid. She had a soft side for those who sought out knowledge and sometimes got too philosophical, which made the less complicated Ryuji roll his eyes.


Hunter Exam Arc

Mekkah Archipelago Arc

Heavens Arena Arc

Greed Island Arc


Chimera Ant Arc


Mai ready to fight Freya

  • Whip: Mai employs a whip during combat, which she decided to get just in case men get violent with her. It was colored brown, covered completely in small rhombs, with a larger than average hand in comparison to the rest of the rope. The end of it was shaped with a heart. She usually carries it rolled up and strapped to her belt.
  • Cellphone: Mai has a cellphone that she bought after earning enough money.
  • Clothing: Mai has a variety of different clothes to wear, causing her friends to believe that she genuinely had a problem. She had an outfit for nearly any occasion and was even known to make her own outfits from time to time.

Abilities and Powers

Enhanced strength: While not her strongest asset, Mai does possess much more physical strength than an average human, lifting and and destroying objects many more times larger than herself. During the Hunter Exams she was able to kick Clover and send him flying into a tree that cracked from the force of impact and knocked the examinee out. After training with Sarada, she was able to lift and throw a huge boulder to distract Gin with enough force that it fragmented on impact.

Enhanced speed and reflexes: Mai has shown that she possesses great speed and reflexes. She is able to effortlessly dodge attacks from incredibly fast fighters such as Hanuman, and was able to impress Isaac Netero with her speed during the Hunter Exam. She has been shown to be able to attack people multiple times in the blink of an eye, dodge gatling gun fire and was able to dodge a point blank rifle shot to her head. She is so fast that can create multiple afterimages. Mai said that this is because she spent so much time training her body in the water that moving on the ground feels like she's weightless.

Enhanced stamina: Mai, along with Sarada, Ryuji and Geitz was able to run for five hours straight during a training session.

Enhanced Agility: Mai is a highly accomplished gymnast and acrobat, and she has pushed her body to the peak of physical condition. While she was on her home island, she was the only person able to climb the Great Tree, a feat that her mother said takes considerable skill and she uses this constantly in battle. She is incredibly flexible and durable, able to contort her body to move through hard to navigate terrain. She is able to scale any obstacle, jump across town from rooftop to rooftop, never losing control, and being able to effortlessly shift her body position even in mid-air.

Enhanced Endurance: Despite her slender appearance, Mai has a considerable amount of endurance. When she was kicked in the side by Clover multiple times she only sustained fractured ribs despite the fact that he was able to kick through stone and even Sarada admitted that she had impressive endurance. Even after taking numerous blows from Rise and losing a considerable amount of blood, she was still able to keep fighting until she eventually overpowered her opponent.

Mai is quite skilled at close combat, easily defeating Kaya

Enhanced Hand-to-hand combat: Though she is untrained, Mai seems to have a natural ability with hand to hand combat with her able to defeat skilled martial artists. She has shown great proficiency is jabs, throws, takedowns, and counters. Her fighting style is very acrobatic and primarily based in kicks, often using her great agility to outmaneuver her opponents.

Immense Lung Capacity: Mai wanted to be a Sea Hunter her entire life and trained herself to stay underwater for a considerable amount of time longer than a normal person without taking any breath. She was confident that she would be able to find any treasure hidden in the sea and while fighting Maki she was able to outlast him in the water.

Genius Level Intellect: Mai is a highly intelligent and incredibly perceptive person, with knowledge on many world topics, cultures, and history. She had the highest grades in her school before graduating and was seen as one of the smartest people on her island. She was able to deduce the whereabouts of a missing child based on vague information and was one of the few people to realize that they were being secretly observed during the first phase of the Hunter exam. She is also able to bear severe mental strain and still think critically, analyzing an escape route from the Chimera Ant cave while fighting off poison in her system. Her quick thinking skills have gotten her out of a lot of situations even before learning Nen. This intellect even allowed her to think of ways to make her Nen abilities more potent and created an entirely new one from analyzing Ryuji's Hellblaze.


Mai is a Transmuter, so she is most effective in changing the properties and shape of her aura. Mai was said by Sarada to possess an immense talent when it comes to Nen, having massive potential that is just waiting to be explored. Due to training with Sarada, she has learned the skills of other Nen types aside from her own, being Conjuration, Enhancement, Emission and Manipulation which she honed to such a degree that she was able to create powerful Nen abilities. She has mastered the four basic techniques and at least six of the advanced ones (the exception being En). She performed Ten on the first try with only vague directions from Sarada and along with her friend Ryuji was able to learn Gyo and Ren in a single night.

Mai is extremely skilled in controlling her Aura

While her friend Ryuji was regarded as possessing a larger quantity of aura to unleash, Mai was credited as having far better control of her aura. To the point where she was the first one to master Ryu and had a margin of error less than 1% when distributing that aura, causing Sarada to label her as a true genius of Nen. She also has a much better success of keeping her aura in check with her emotions to not consume too much aura too fast, something she must accomplish to not run out of aura. Sarada said by the time she reached Mai's level of aura control, she was already an experienced Hunter.

As a Transmuter, Mai uses her Nen to make her aura take on the properties of water.

Mai developed a series of Nen abilities in which she alters the properties of her aura to make it take on the form of water for a variety of different techniques. This was done because of the years she spent training underwater and her deep understanding of the element. Mai put a a limitation on her Nen that she can only use abilities that appear in her conjured book the Azure Grimoire, which when summoned has a list of water "spells" that changes every time she opens the book. This makes it so that Mai must adapt to whatever situation she is in using the corresponding ability, or she must open and close her book repeatedly in order to get the "spell" that she desires; which is not practical during active combat. While this limitation can be quite a hinderance, it greatly increased the power and potency of her ability.

Mai's Nen Type: Transmutation
Type:Conjuration Azure Grimoire (虎牙(タイガーファング) Book of Spells)
Azure Grimoire.png Mai uses Conjuration to create a book that she has dubbed the Azure Grimoire. It is a small book that when created shows her three water-based techniques or as she calls them "spells" on a page, and every time she closes and reopens the book three new spells appear replacing the previous ones. The spells that appear are completely random due to Mai's own limitation and are seemingly infinite, with over fifty spells being shown. Mai has stated that even she does not know how many spells are contained in her Azure Grimoire.
Type:Transmutation Aqua Fist (虎牙(タイガーファング) Water Fist)

Aqua Fist.png

The first spell she ever used in her Azure Grimoire. Mai creates a fist made of water with her aura and smashes the opponent into the ground. The water fist seems to be incredibly dense, as she is able to smash through stone with it and is solid to the touch.
Type:Conjuration, Transmutation, and Emission Salacia Arrow (虎牙(タイガーファング) Sea Goddess Arrow)

Salacia Bow.jpg

Mai conjures a blue bow with designed with unknown symbols on it. She then uses Emission and Transmutation to create condensed arrows of water and launches them at the target in rapid succession. As Mai is only able to use Emission to 60% power, this attack is less effective the longer it goes on and is weaker than if she would've kept her aura connected to her body. However her mastery over the fundamental aspects of Nen would help her to make this more proficient.
Type:Transmutation, and Emission Hydrus (虎牙(タイガーファング) Crushing Wave)


Mai creates a large condense wave of water and sends it at the opponent. It has enough force to tear through the ground.


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