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Rin'na Aoi

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Book Hunter


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Linna Aoi is a pro Hunter from the Aoi Clan.When her mother passed away from a mysterious disease, she decided to travel the world in search of answers. Although she's technically a Medicine Hunter, she poses as a Book Hunter as to avoid suspicion. She is an Enhancer.




Linna Aoi was born a member of the Aoi Clan, a group of people who lived in the mountains and practiced medicine. As the only child in the clan, Linna quickly grew to be the "daughter of everyone". Her neighbors and family had taught her how to use Nen when she was seven and she spent five years developing her techniques.

A few months after her twelfth birthday, her mother became fatally ill due to contracting a mysterious disease. Weeks later, she died. Feeling hopeless and worthless, Linna ran away from her home, pledging to find as much information as she could.

By age 14, Linna had finally managed to find the spot of the Hunter Exams. However, due to being weak, she dropped out in the first round. The following year, Linna almost made it but lost in a competition that pinned the challengers against each other. The third year, Linna barely scraped by, earning her the title of Pro Hunter and a Hunter License

Four years later, Linna was an attendee of the prestigious Rainbow Conference in Celios City when it was attacked the gang, Milky Way.


Rainbow Conference ARC Edit

Linna, having healed the daughter of the host, Joe Greedy, was invited to attend the Rainbow Conference in Celios City. After getting on a plane in Yorknew City, Linna eagerly awaited her destination.


Nen AbilitiesEdit

Because of her heritage, Linna's skills are based around her combining Enhancer, Transmuter, and Emitter abilities into one. Her specialty is dubbed Angelic Guard (天国ガード Tengoku gādo, Heaven Guard). All of the skills and information she uses are written in detail within her personal book.

Linna Aoi's Nen Type: Enhancement
Angelic Guard (天国ガード Tengoku gādo, Heaven Guard)
Lana Artwork Linna's skills are based upon healing and medicine with some exceptions. First, she changes the properties of her aura with Transmutation, then she can emit them with Emission. She can use Enhancement for attacks or making her healing stronger.
Type: Transmutation and Enhancement Angel Touch (パームヒール Pāmuhīru, Heal Palm)
Lana Spell "Angel Touch" is the signature skill of Linna. Angel Touch requires that Linna first transmute her aura to mimic healing properties, then focus it into her palms. This is possible through Ko (硬, Temper). With Enhancement, the healing process of her patient can be increased.
Type: Transmutation, Enhancement, and Emission Angel Rain (雨ヒール Ame hīru, Heal Rain)
"Angel Rain" is a wide ranged technique that targets only those Linna deems trustworthy or an ally. Following the process of Angel Touch, Linna forms her aura into a sphere after focusing it to her hands, and throws it into the air. The sphere then gently explodes and rains down orbs of life energy to those she recognizes as allies. The skill greatly boosts receiver's energy, but drains a lot of Linna's.
Type: Transmutation, Enhancement, and Emission Angel Mist (ミストヒール Misutohīru, Heal Mist)
"Angel Mist" Angel mist follows the same procedure as Angel Rain, except instead of tossing the sphere into the air, Linna slams it into the ground, release the stored aura into a misty substance which covers the surrounding area. Depending on the amount condensed into the sphere plays a part in how dense the shroud is. The mist has soothing and relaxing properties and anyone contained within it receives it's benefits.
Type: Transmutation, Enhancement, and Emission Angel Curse (ロックヒール Rokkuhīru, Heal Lock)
"Angel Curse" Linna channels her negativity and evil emotion into a purplish sphere which she launches at the opponent. Using In, most don't detect the bad ball of emotion until they're affected with it, due to contact. Angel Curse lowers the rate that a person can heal himself or herself at. Additionally, it puts the receiver in a bad mood and makes them more subject to negativity.


  • "Sometimes I just wish I was a book... a children's book."
  • "I-I made a mistake a few years ago... and everyday, I live with it."
  • "I looove people. But I loooove Books more."
  • "Why wasn't I the one put in the coma..."
  • "There's no such thing as happy endings.. It's just a phase where the author decides to end it."


  • Linna Aoi is based off of Lana from Hyrule Warriors
  • Aoi means blue 碧