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I just do what it takes nothing but it wasn't always like this and it doesn't have to be.

—Jiro & Dragon

Jiro Arukādo Ookurikara ( アルカード次郎大栗カラ,Arukādo Jirō Ōkuri kara ) A young prodigy who took the test to become a hunter at the age of 13 members of the protection society the chimeras ants new menbro of the zodiacs.

Appearence[edit | edit source]


Jiro's small2ponytail. He has a yellow eye, dark skin, medium dark hair. His voice is calm, soft, but hoarse. He rarely raises his voice, but enough tone to understand when he is angry.

In his necklace, the Sanskrit character "kan" can be seen. Also known as God's necklace. The dragon on Jiro's arm is his beast of Nen appears and some considered considered a representation of his power can move through his body as well. 


He wears clothes that reflect the colors of his family, in rare ocassioes or in special and seen using other clothes, like suit but likes to wear confiable things has a mitlitar trage.

Good in muda appearance has some, talents to change the tone of voice that proves how much training to mix. Your dragon tattoo can absorb the color of your skin temporarily while undercover to aid appearance.

Personality[edit | edit source]

As a young woman she was a happy and carefree child but, for some reason, she did not laugh often, she changed when she started interacting with her brothers and sister. It gets more relaxed close to people like your cousin Mari and this is often seen by your father.

Your mind alternates with your mind and situation needs.

Lone wolf. uncommon, dark and closed. He has a difficult nature. He prefers staying away from other people and feels uncomfortable in a large company.

The attitude towards the other may seem cold. But he is not spiteful. jiro has his own reasons for behaving. He is a lonely reference. On the one hand, it belongs to itself and usually does so as it seems appropriate. On the other hand, it makes him consider himself worthless and unimportant being that he has much value by being the son of the two sons of their respective families.

Trying to understand himself, jiro turned away from his companions and friends. But he cares about them, even if he does not show but those who are close enough can feel and see.

This fax so he tries his best to discreetly help with all this fails when he gets in the way of some of his family members like Eli. A skill that influences your attitudes and can do somewhat wrong things (͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °).

History[edit | edit source]

In Year X came one of the most unusual events in the world known as the union of the members of their respective families, who lit up in an alliance of blood and love between an Arukādo. And an Ookurikara making half the earth look at both houses and the couple the result was no other, especially children the first child I, practically a genius a living weapon after well-trained.

The news that a child, would be born in the case I spread like wildfire around the world because the Arukada family has restrictions on it and the Ookurikara needs to be notified, but how and I can say that sitting by this rule my mother is all screwing.

My main objective is to make me a hunter of terrorists to show and prove me and protect a people and avoid tragedies but for that, I must get approved by the Dragon of the Hunters Association.

Well I was raised as an Ookurikara but, I have the privileges of an Arukādo and access to both houses this is one of the main thing that makes Eli frustrated, being the next in line of succession of the two houses which I do not want although I should.

Background[edit | edit source]

A young man with a dream become one of the greatest hunter in the world and splendidly learn to see him dream and create and of course hunt.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The princess of Jappon arc[edit | edit source]

Under development.

Hunter Exam arc[edit | edit source]

Under development.

Big Family arc[edit | edit source]

Under development.

Heavens Arena arc[edit | edit source]

Under development.

Greed Island arc[edit | edit source]

Under development.

Shield Against Terrorism arc[edit | edit source]

Under development.

Baba of a Brats arc[edit | edit source]

Under development.

Protection Society the Chimeras Ants arc[edit | edit source]

Under development.

The New Dragon of the Generation arc[edit | edit source]

Under development.

Heavens Arena Standing[edit | edit source]

The following are the results of Jiro in Heavens Arena:

Opponent Result
Wing 7-3 KO WIN
Kite 4-6 KO LOSS
Dorado 10-0 KO WIN
Chrollo Lucilfer W.O. WIN
Hae 8-2 KO WIN
Sadaso 7-3 KO WIN
Machi Komacine 6-4 KO WIN
Ga 7-3 KO WIN
Hisoka Morow 6-4 KO WIN
Shizfuku Murasaki 8-2 KO WIN
Illumi Zoldyck 6-4 KO WIN
Knuckle Bine 5-5 KO DRAW
Zeno Zoldyck 4-6 KO LOSS
Kite 6-4 KO WIN
+30 Oponents 7-3 KO WIN

International List[edit | edit source]

List of people who caught your attention around the world, known enemy friends, influential and non-influential people.



Number (#) Name Rank Danger Nen Type Status Hatsu
Unknown 001 Chrollo Lucilfer SS Specialization Alive ? Skill Hunter
Unknown 002 Hisoka Morow S Transmutation Alive ? Bungee Gum
Jappon 003 Yujiro S Unknown Alive Heart of Magic Cards
Republic of Padokea 004 Raven E Manipulation Dead Little Spy
Unknown 005 Zoya Uteno Unknown Specialization Alive Sound Consequence
Dragon Island 006 Otohime Dragonborn Unknown Emission Alive Unknown
Unknown 007 Asahiko Unknown Specialization Alive Unknown
Greed Island 008 Raava Unknown Specialization Dead Martial Arts of Dobra
Unknown 009 Bivani SS Unknown  Dead Nen Monsters Cell
Azia 010 Gretel C Conjuration Alive Underworld is Girl
Mimbo Republic 011 Solomon SS Unknown Dead Identity Exchange 
Greed Island 012 Hideyoshi Haku B Manipulation Dead Boy Trap 
Greed Island 013 Hearthlass D Emission Dead Golden Snake Crossing
Unknown 014 Melzhez Avantgreid Unknown Specialization Alive Blood Oath: Dismembering Contract
NGL 015 Margot B Conjuration Alive Champ de Marguerites
Unknown 016 Murtaugh Unknown Specialization Alive Negation 
Begerossé Union 017 Rei Hiei A Specialization Dead Black Flame
Kukuroo Mountain 018 Nanika Unknown Unknown Alive Wish Granting
Kukuroo Mountain 019 Illumi Zoldyck C Manipulation Alive Pin and Needle Manipulation
Meteor City 020 Gyro  Unknown  Unknown Alive Unknown
Hunter Association 021 Linne Horsdoeuvre SS Unknown Alive Unknown
Unknown 022 Maha Zoldyck SS Enhancement Alive ? Unknown
Unknown 023 Elizabeth Báthory S Transmutation Alive Unknown
Unknown 024 Liliana Brightstar S Conjuration Alive Unknown
Unknown 024 Mercy Kita B Conjuration Alive Unknown

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Katana: Katana before using nen wore a katana given by her father. He only occasionally uses and practice with friends. Made from a material that was found in the Black Continent and infused with an aura of nor difficult to describe an item that is enlightened, as a weapon of the family passed from father to son.

Hunter License: is received upon someone passing the Hunter Exam.A hunter license is a type of card given exclusively to Hunters after they pass the Hunting Exam, which proves the status of the owner and has multiple benefits. It offers free access to most public services and permission to go virtually anywhere in the world without a visa. It also grants the ability to kill without facing great legal consequences, although there are exceptions. A hunter's license also grants access to protected information, as well as being an easy way to get a job. In addition, there are collectors willing to buy it for a fortune that would sustain the Hunter's family for generations.

Guns: Not being used to it always carries one or two guns.

Sphere: A key that holds an important secret was a gift.

Adventure Notes: A notebook to write down personal information.


Schoolbag: Randoseru  A purse given by his mother made of an insanely strong material made for the necessities of travel. A curiosity that is greater inside than out.

  • Extra clothes Pair.
  • Credit and Debit Card.
  • Documents.
  • Phone: Wasp-J2PRO.
  • PC: Notebook-GL.
  • Basic Survival Kit: Emergency Blanket, Headlight, Military Knife, Compass, Wire Saw, Flint and Steel, Water Purification Tablets, etc...
  • First Aid Kit: A gift from her sister she knows he gets, hurts easily and does not take care of one's injury, extra help only when he gets hurt in morning trainings is Herb for All-illnesses.

JoyStation Console and One Ring is One Save Card: A gift from your father is a game for Hunter Very powerful and dangerous with a series of rules and unique and unforeseeable effects a game for Hunter and Nen Users.

Greed Island Card Lists[edit | edit source]

The cards you obtained in-game are saved in your Book.

Specified Slot Cards
Designated Number (#) Name Rank-Limit Card Description/Effect
000 Ruler's Blessing
(Blessing of Ruler)
SS-1 A castle given as a prize for winning the contest, town with population 10,000 included. Its residents will live according to whatever laws and commands you issue.
001 Patch of Forest (Area of Dense Forest) SS-3 The entrance to the giant forest called the "Mountain God's Garden" where many unique endemic species live. They are all tame and friendly.
002 Plot of Beach
(Strip of Beach)
SS-3 The entrance to a cave called "Poseidon's Cavern." The cave changes its path at each visit, confusing intruders.
003 Pitcher of Eternal Water
(Pot of Spring Water)
A-17 A jar from which pure, clean water (1440 L per day) continually flows.
004 Skin Care Hot Springs
(Beautiful Skin Spa)
A-15 A hot spring that cures you of any skin condition. Bathing in it for half an hour a day gives you skin as soft and smooth as a baby's.
005 Spirited Away Hollow
(Cave of Mysterious Disappearance)
S-8 Enter and then exit this hollow and you will be transported to a desolate location within the country. Circumstances will allow you to return to where you started without you having to spend any money.
006 Liquor Spring
(Fountain of liquor birth)
A-15 Draw some of this spring's water and one hour later it will become a random alcoholic drink of exquisite taste and extraordinary quality.
007 Pregnancy Stones
(Stones of the Pregnant)
S-10 Carry a stone (weighing 7 lb. each) for one month and you will get pregnant, even if you're male. You may choose the sex of the baby by the female or male stone.
008 Mystery Pond (Mysterious Pond) S-10 Release one fish into this pond, and there will be one more fish of that type the next day. You can keep any combination of fish in this pond, even saltwater and freshwater fish together!
009 Tree of Plenty
(Tree of Good Harvest)
S-20 A tree that bears all sorts of fruit. No matter how much you harvest, it will be full again the next day. The type and number of fruit are random.
010 Golden Guidebook A-20 A travel guide that lists where and when you can meet people of the opposite sex who are your type.

Golden Scales
(Golden Balance)

B-30 When faced with a two-option choice, these scales will tell you which is better for your future.
012 Golden Dictionary S-10 Each day you will find a word glowing gold. You should learn those words because they will come in handy the next day.
014 Connection Severing Scissors
(Edge-Cutting Scissors)
B-22 Cut a picture of someone you don't want to see with these scissors, and you will never see them again. Caution: It will take effect on everyone in the picture (except yourself).
015 Fickle Genie
(Whimsical Majin)
S-10 This genie will grant you three wishes, but you need to suggest 1000 potential, significantly different wishes and he will choose three from among them. (No cheating by asking for different increments of money.)
016 Fairy King's Advice
(Advice King Fairy)
S-6 The Fairy King offers you gentle, apt advice on what you lack or what you should fix. The annoying thing is he appears when he wants to.
017 Angel's Breath SS-3 She cures one person of all wounds and ills, restoring them to perfect health. She will only appear once.
018 Imp's Wink
(Wink of this Devil)
A-18 You will experience the most amazing ecstasy when she winks at you. She can appear multiple times. Be warned, it can get addictive.
019 Poltergeist Pillow
(Spirits of the Dead Pillow)
A-13 Sleep on this pillow and your astral form will be able to wander at will, but you will turn into a real ghost if you do not return to your body within 24 hours.
020 Mood Clock
(Mind Spirit Meter)
B-30 This clock sets your current state of mind. Turn it to noon and you will maintain perfect serenity. Thus you can adjust your emotions according to the situation.

X-Ray Goggles
(Skeleton Spectacles)

B-27 You can see through things. An adjustment dial allows you to set the x-ray depth. The only thing it cannot see through is a pack of spell cards from Masadora.
022 Toraemon A-22 A beast on the verge of extinction, it has a habit of stuffing things in its 4-D pocket. You never know what kind of treasures it could have picked up.
023 Tome of a Thousand Tales
(Ad-lib Book)
B-30 A book that shows you a different story each time you open it. If you want to stay on the same story when you put it down, use the special included bookmark.
024 Hypothetical T.V.
(TV Moshimo)
A-20 Input a hypothetical situation with the included remote, and this TV will show you a 30-hour documentary of the possibilities. You are also able to record.
025 Risky Dice
(Risky Die)
B-30 A twenty-sided die with one skull face and 19 star faces. Great things happen when you roll a star, but rolling the skull will be bad enough to cancel out all the previous great events.
026 Night Shift Dwarves
(Seven Working Dwarves)
A-20 They can do any work you can do, and they will work as long as you are asleep. They cannot do anything beyond your abilities.
027 Book of V.I.P Passes
(Face Path Tickets)
B-25 You can go anywhere with these passes. Book of 1000.
028 Capricious Remote S-13 A remote control to manipulate ten emotions someone feels toward someone else, on an intensity scale of 1-10. (You cannot control how people feel toward you.)
029 Pre-Order Vouchers
(Forced Reservation Tickets)
B-27 Write the name of any commercially available product on a voucher and you'll be guaranteed to get it regardless of its scarcity (You still have to pay). A book of 1000.
030 Favor Cushion
(Connection Cushion)
B-21 Seat someone on this cushion and he will do one thing for you, so long as it is within his capabilities.
031 Double Postcard to the Dead
(Return Postcard to the Dead)
S-13 Address and mail this return postage-paid postcard to a deceased person, and you will get a reply the next day. A book of 1000.
032 Parrot Candy B-30 Sucking on this candy enables you to produce any voice. The effect lasts until you next ingest something. A set of 10 packs, 50 candies per pack.
033 Hormone Cookies
(Cookie Hormones)
S-13 After eating this candy, your sex will temporarily change for 24 hours. A set of 10 boxes; 20 cookies per box.
034 University Survey
(Anything Questionnaire)
B-30 Write various questions pertaining to yourself and give it to someone, and he will answer all questions honestly. Reusable.
035 Chameleon Cat S-6 An endangered species. Once tamed, it can transform into any animal. However, its mass remains constant, so it will be a tiny elephant or a large hamster, for example.
036 Recycling Room
(The Recycle Room)
S-10 Put something broken in this room and it will be repaired as good as new 24 hours later. The door must not be opened until time is up.
037 Fledgling Athlete
(Egg of Superb Athlete)
B-30 Warm this magic egg in your hand for three hours a day for one to ten years, and you will become a top athlete when it hatches. The stronger your desire during incubation, the sooner it will hatch.
038 Fledgling Artist
(Egg of Superb Artist)
B-30 Warm this magic egg in your hand for three hours a day for one to ten years, and you will become a top artist when it hatches. The stronger your desire during incubation, the sooner it will hatch.
039 Fledgling Politician
(Egg of Big-Shot Politician)
B-30 Warm this magic egg in your hand for three hours a day for one to ten years, and you will become a top politician when it hatches. The stronger your desire during incubation, the sooner it will hatch.
040 Fledgling Musician
(Egg of Superb Musician)
B-30 Warm this magic egg in your hand for three hours a day for one to ten years, and you will become a top musician when it hatches. The stronger your desire during incubation, the sooner it will hatch.
041 Fledgling Pilot
(Egg of Superb Pilot)
B-30 Warm this magic egg in your hand for three hours a day for one to ten years, and you will become a top pilot when it hatches. The stronger your desire during incubation, the sooner it will hatch.
042 Fledgling Novelist
(Egg of Superb Writing)
B-30 Warm this magic egg in your hand for three hours a day for one to ten years, and you will become a top novelist when it hatches. The stronger your desire during incubation, the sooner it will hatch.
043 Fledgling Gambler
(Egg of Major Gambler)
B-30 Warm this magic egg in your hand for three hours a day for one to ten years, and you will become a top gambler when it hatches. The stronger your desire during incubation, the sooner it will hatch.
044 Fledgling Actor B-30 Warm this magic egg in your hand for three hours a day for one to ten years, and you will become a top actor when it hatches. The stronger your desire during incubation, the sooner it will hatch.
045 Fledgling CEO B-30 Warm this magic egg in your hand for three hours a day for one to ten years, and you will become a top CEO when it hatches. The stronger your desire during incubation, the sooner it will hatch.
046 Gold Dust Girl A-13 A girl who sheds gold dust from her body—500g of gold can be harvested from her daily bath. Very shy, she rarely leaves the house.
047 Sleeping Girl A-11 A girl who sleeps in your stead. You can be active for 24 hours without sleeping while she sleeps for you.
048 Aromatherapy Girl A-15 A girl who emits the most comfortable aroma for you. While she's by your side, you will be free of stress.
049 Miniature Mermaid B-23 A mermaid small enough to fit in your hand. A comfortable living environment puts her in a good mood, and she will sing with her beautiful voice.
050 Miniature Dino A-11 A dinosaur small enough to fit in your hand. This creature produces a different species of tiny dinosaur with each new generation.
051 Miniature Dragon S-10 A dragon small enough to fit in your hand. It will obey your commands, and will eventually learn to talk if raised with love.
052 Pearl Locusts B-30 Each of these locusts has a pearl in its abdomen. An outbreak occurs once every dozen years or so.
053 King Great White Beetle A-30 It uses special pheromones to lure other insects to build a huge colony. It leaves the colony once a day for an evening stroll.
054 Millennium Butterfly A-25 A legendary insect named from the fact that the family of anyone who captures it will prosper for generations.
055 Revenge Shop A-20 Report your grudges to the manager and he will retaliate for you in proportion to your grievance. Pay extra to request a more severe retaliation.
056 Perfect Memory Studio B-25 Specify a time and date to get a picture of yourself in the past. You may also request a sequence of photographs.
057 Hideout Realtor A-11 The agent will build a secret room just for you at a place of your choosing. However, you must not tell anyone about it or bring anybody to it.
058 Secrets Video Rental A-13 Rent videos of other peoples secrets. You must not show the video or discuss its contents with anyone.
059 Instant Foreign Language School A-20 Spend time studying a language at this school, and you will accrue time on a timer (included). While the timer is activated and counting down, you will be fluent.
060 Long Lost Delivery B-30 Call the number and describe the item you lost, and it will be delivered to you the next day. It must be lost for longer than a month.
061 Vending Check-Up A-20 A full-body medical scan for just 500Template:Jenny. However, the only results are "All Clear" or "Anomaly Detected," in which case it is recommended you see a doctor.
062 Club "You Rule" B-20 Everyone in the club will do your bidding while you are there. However, one hour in the club equals a day outside.
063 Virtual Restaurant B-30 You can order any food you want. You will feel full, but it is only an illusion. You will be given a multivitamin as you leave.
064 Witch's Love Potion B-30 Kiss a pill and have your intended drink it, and he or she will fall in love with you. One pill lasts one week; one vial contains 500 pills.
065 Witch's Rejuvenation Potion S-10 Each pill makes you physically younger by one year. You will retain all knowledge and memories. Beware, as you will die if you take more than your age. One vial contains 100 pills.
066 Witch's Diet Pills B-28 Each pill makes you lose one kg. One vial contains 200 pills. Beware, as you will die if you take more than you weigh.
067 Doyen's Growth Pills B-30 Each pill makes you grow one cm taller. One vial contains 100 pills. Not recommended for people under 20 years of age.
068 Doyen's Virility Pills A-20 A certain part of your anatomy will get very frisky. Both endurance and frequency are enhanced. One vial contains 500 pills.
069 Doyen's Hair Restorer B-30 Luxurious hair will grow wherever it is applied. Use gloves, or hair will grow on fingers and palms. One vial contains 200 ml (enough to cover ten heads).
070 Mad Scientist's Steroids A-16 Get all the muscles you want without exercise. You must drink a liter a day for a week, and it tastes horrible. A seven-box set, with ten one-L bottles per box.
071 Mad Scientist's Pheromones A-20 Spray on your body to attract the opposite sex. However, you cannot adjust the strength of its effect, so be careful as it may cause a proliferation of stalkers.
072 Mad Scientist's Plastic Surgery A-15 Scan a picture of the face you want and you will end up an exact likeness. Each surgery carries a 5% chance of failure, and a 1% chance the machine itself will break.
073 Night Jade A-15 A jewel "blessed" by the Devil. When danger is about to befall its owner, it will deflect it to someone else.
074 Sage's Aquamarine A-15 Its owner will have many intelligent friends and keep those friendships for their entire lives.
075 Wild Luck Alexandrite A-20 Its owner will get to have once-in-a-lifetime experiences, though you cannot choose whether they're for better or for worse...
076 Roaming Ruby B-30 The owner of this ruby will gain immense wealth, but will never be able to remain in the same place for more than a week.
077 Beauty Magnet Emerald S-10 Specialists offering beauty services will flock to its owner, who will shine with heretofore unrecognized beauty.
078 Lonely Sapphire B-30 The owner of this sapphire will acquire vast wealth, but in exchange will spend a lifetime alone, forsaken by friends, family, and significant others.
079 Rainbow Diamond A-20 A diamond that shines in a rainbow of colors. Propose with this diamond and she is guaranteed to say "yes."
080 Levitation Stone S-7 A stone about one carat in size that levitates. It can levitate one person, and receives energy from sunlight.
081 Blue Planet SS-5 A unique blue jewel. Its composition does not correspond to any known mineral, so it was given this name to mean "a gift from space."
082 Staff of Judgment A-15 Raise this staff in the air while calling out the name of someone you want to punish, and calamity will befall the one of you who has committed more bad deeds, the target or yourself.
083 Sword of Truth B-22 Splits in two anything and anyone deceitful. In trials, it's a criminal's worst nightmare. The sword will shatter when used to cut something true, but will regenerate if stored in its scabbard for one day.
084 Paladin's Necklace D-60 A player wearing this will reflect curses cast upon him, and be able to undo curses placed on cards he touches.
085 Scapegoat/Sacrifice Armor S-8 Renders ineffective any attack by a weapon reverted from a card. Beware, as it will randomly break sometime within the first 100 attacks.
086 Quiver of Frustration A-11 You will be able to cast as many "Leaves" as you have arrows. It comes with 10 arrows, and one will be used each time you cast "Leave."
087 Shield of Faith S-15 The spells "Relegate," "Return," "Drift," and "Collision" will be rendered ineffective within a radius of 20 M of the player armed with this shield.
088 Eternal Hammer A-15 Anyone hit with this hammer will be afflicted with one random attack spell, and cannot defend him or herself with a defensive spell. However, it will not work on someone using "Fortress" or Paladin's Necklace.
089 Tax Collector's Gauntlet A-20 Grants you the ability to cast "Levy." However, it will destroy one random specified slot card from your binder every time. (You cannot cast it if your specified slots are empty.)
090 Memory Helmet A-20 You will never forget things you see or hear while wearing this helmet. Unfortunately, it's extremely large and heavy.
091 Plastic King A-20 Recombine the parts of this 1:1 scale model kit to build any kind of vehicle. Fully functional, fuel not included.
092 Swap Ticket S-7 Rip the ticket and give it to someone you want to switch with, and you can live his life for 24 hours. Book of 1000.
093 Book of Life B-28 An encyclopedia of everyone who's been in your life since your birth, with records of conversations and memorable incidents. It may end up being tens of thousands of pages long.
094 Bandit's Blade S-10 A successful attack with this weapon will cast "Mug", "Pickpocket", or "Thief" on the target. Not effective on someone using "Fortress" or Paladin's Necklace.
095 Secret Cape A-20 You will be under the effect of "Blackout Curtain" while wearing this cape.
096 Clairvoyant Snake A-12 Feed it a card Rank C or above, and it will spit up a "Clairvoyance."
097 3-D Camera A-20 Pictures taken with this will be developed as 3-D objects, with all textures reproduced. Make enlargements as needed.
098 Silver Dog S-8 An endangered species with silver fur. Mix 5g of gold into its food every day and it will excrete one kg of solid silver feces.
099 Panda Maid S-8 An endangered species. Very neat and loves to cook, and each has a hobby such as sewing or gardening. They are excellent at taking care of human children.

Free Slot Cards
Number (#) Name Rank-Limit Card Details
100 Map of the Island 'empty' G-400 A map of the island. No towns or markers are currently shown. The user will automatically fill these in on their travels.
101 Map of the Island 'detailed' D-70 A detailed map of the island, with all towns and markers already shown.
102 Voucher SS-150 A special voucher which transforms into the card Angel's Breath once one becomes available.
110 Ruler's Invitation SS-1 A letter which extends a warm invitation to visit the game's capital city, Limeiro. A visit to this city's castle is also included.
163 Sick Villagers F-150 These villagers are very sick.
263 Healthy Villagers C-50 These villagers are as healthy as can be!
266 Transport Ticket B-150 A ticket which allows the barer to use a safe passage out of the game.
572 Giant Cyclops G-333 These one-eyed giants are the largest of all Cyclops. They travel in small groups and attack anything within their territory.
585 Bubble Horse C-50 This hard-to-catch creature emits bubbles when threatened as a diversionary tactic. White bubbles will burst in contact with Aura. Red ones will burst with everything else except Aura.
598 Chief of Wolf Pack C-45 The leader of a wolf pack that attacks travelers.
607 J10,000 H-∞ 10,000 Template:Jenny in card form.
673 Hyper Puffball D-80 This little creature is a fast fellow. They are a really fast, hard to catch species.
697 Melanin Lizard E-100 A very large lizard big enough to eat a cow whole.
711 Radio Rat H-800 These hard to catch creatures use aura to control a suit of armor. As a defensive measure, it uses this armor to mislead a target into thinking the armor is the enemy whilst the true creature can escape.
1217 Galgaida F-185 This fish when cooked, tastes delicious.
? Gold Dust Girl Guard F-? The guard is an NPC. He guarded the Gold Dust Girl.
14170 Gasoline H-∞ A vial containing gasoline. This flammable substance will catch fire easily.
21449 Rock H-∞ A simple rock. Quite hard and can be any size.
25008 Large Rock H-∞ A large rock.
Spell Cards
Number (#) Spell Name Class Function/Effect Rank-Limit
1001 Peek LR ¦ RS View contents of target player's (previously met) free slots. G-200
1002 Fluoroscopy LR ¦ RS View contents of target player's (previously met) designated slots. F-150
1003 Defensive Wall SR ¦ DS Protects you from an attack spell once. G-400
1004 Reflect SR ¦ DS Reflects an attack spell from a player (previously met). E-120
1005 Magnetic Force LR ¦ RS Allows one person to fly to the location of the target player. C-50
1006 Pickpocket SR ¦ AS Steals a random card from target player's free pocket. F-170
1007 Thief SR ¦ AS Steals a random card from target player's designated pocket. C-50
1008 Trade SR ¦ AS Swaps a card the caster's owns to a target player's card randomly. E-100
1009 Return LR ¦ RS Allows caster to fly back to a previously visited location. G-380
1010 Mimic SR ¦ RS Transform a card into a copy of a target card that the caster already owns (it fails if target card's transformation limits is already exceeded) A-20
1011 Clone SR ¦ RS Change into one random card from target player's imposed slots (if the opponent has no imposed slot cards or the card limit was at MAX, the transformation fails and "Clone" disappears). D-70
1012 Relegate SR ¦ RS Make the target player fly somewhere on the island. F-140
1013 Origin SR ¦ RS Make target player fly to the game starting point. D-65
1014 Leave SR ¦ RS Make target player leave the island. B-30
1015 Clairvoyance LR ¦ RS See all card data of the target player. D-70
1016 Drift SR ¦ RS Go to a random unvisited town. If all towns have been visited, player stays at the same place and the card disappears). F-200
1017 Collision SR ¦ RS Fly to the locations of a random player the caster has not met (if all other players have been met, players stay at the same place and the card disappears). F-200
1018 Levy SR ¦ RS Take one random card from each player within a 20m radius. B-25
1019 Drawbridge SR ¦ DS ¦ AA ¦ VS Protect once against a short range regular spell from another player. F-200
1020 Fake SR ¦ RS "Fake" transforms into one of the cards from No.001 to No.099. The resulting card can be inserted into an imposed slot but does not count towards a complete card set or the card copy limit, nor can it be converted into an object. C-40
1021 Mug SR ¦ AS Take one card at will from target player. B-30
1022 Corruption SR ¦ AS Transform one above-B ranked card from target player into a below-D card. The caster can choose the number of the new card. (After the transformation, the card counts towards the card number limit of the new card type. If the limit is already at MAX, or the target player has no above-B cards, the transformation fails and the “Corruption” card disappears). After the transformation, if the card is in an imposed slot with a wrong number, it auto-destroys. C-40
1023 Compromise SR ¦ AS Choose and destroy one above-A ranked card from target player. That player then obtains a card of 3 ranks lower than the destroyed card and of the number of his choosing. If target player has no above-A card, “Compromise” changes into card form again and returns to the caster. (If the designated card of three ranks lower has attained the card copy limit, it cannot be obtained.) B-25
1024 Dispel SR ¦ RS Return all cards from target player transformed with “Fake,” “Clone,” or “Mimic” to original form. Destroy all cards that, as a result, find themselves in the wrong imposed slots. “Fake,” “Copy,” and “Mimic” have no effect on “Dispel.” D-80
1025 Blackout Curtain SR ¦ DS ¦ C Use to protect oneself against the effects of "Peek" and "Fluoroscopy". F-200
1026 Holy Water SR ¦ DS ¦ C Protects the player ten times from attack spells from other players. This card is immune to steal and destruction spells. A-20
1027 Trace SR ¦ AS Current location of one target player will be available at all times. (Effect lasts until player leaves the game.) E-90
1028 Rock Toss SR ¦ AS Destroy one random card in target player's free slots. E-100
1029 Bullet SR ¦ AS Destroy one random card in target player's imposed slots. B-25
1030 Guidepost LR ¦ RS Give away locations of the chosen number (not available to No. 000). E-120
1031 Analysis LR ¦ RS Show explanation on card of the chosen number (not available to No. 000). G-400
1032 Lottery SR ¦ RS Transform into a random item card. G-350
1033 Cling SR ¦ AS Complete data of one player's restricted slots will be available at all times. (Effect lasts until player leaves the game.) C-50
1034 Purify SR ¦ RS Dispel effect of transformation spell and return card to original form. (If, after transformation, the card limit is exceeded, the card changes to item form and cannot be converted again. In the case of a spell card, it disappears unless the spell is used immediately.) D-55
1035 Fortress SR ¦ DS ¦ C ¦ AA Cards inserted in slots on target page are permanently protected against stealing and destruction spells as long as they remain in the slots (Free Slot pages cannot be chosen). S-10
1036 Eye of God LR ¦ C Caster obtains the effects of "List" and "Analysis" permanently on all cards from No. 000 to 099. (Effect lasts until target player leaves the game.) S-10
1037 Recycle SR ¦ RS Allows an item converted from a card to be changed into card form once more. (Limited to cards of rank below C. If the applicable card limit is already at MAX, “Recycle” disappears without converting the target item.) F-170
1038 List LR ¦ RS Inform on number of people in possession of target card, as well as the total number of copies. G-350
1039 Accompany SR ¦ RS Fly all players within a radius of 20 m around the caster – including the caster – to the location of target city (limited to cities previously visited) or target player (limited to players previously met inside the game). F-130
1040 Contact LR ¦ RS Allows communication through the binders with target player (limited to players previously met inside the game. Maximum duration is 3 minutes; during this period, only the player initiating conversation with “Contact” can cut off communication.) F-200

His chosen prize on the Island of Greed was Card 000: The Governor's Blessing. The castle is your home to live your valuables and also live your base of operations.

In his second gambling Ilha da Ganancia asked for card 022 a Toraemon is living in his castle. In his third game he intends to acquire the 039 card, for reasons he influences and politics within his family and as a future candidate for the position held by the current Head of the Hunters Association Cheadle Yorkshire. In theory when you are the same age as your grandparents, you expect to have conquered at least 6 even cards of number 022 and positionals in the 6 largest continents to be able to remain active without needing to dominate, or when you are 114 years old to eat all the pirulas of card 065 and go back to being young. Intending to play and obtain other cards whenever possible.

Nen Type Training Hardcore[edit | edit source]

In the three months he was with decided to train a little Gon, Killua, Canary, Alluka and Nanika who proved qualified because their training pace is a little extreme and only works with Genius in Nen or with a lot of power.

Enhancement Training[edit | edit source]

  • Level 0 Hardcore - Release

Based on what he learned from Bisky, the purpose of this training is to release what is closed which is not easy and it is necessary to put the body under a severe stress which can cause discomfort. One way to intensify and endanger the body releases more power over the risk of death price.

Transmutation Training[edit | edit source]

  • Level 0 Hardcore - Sweet Bath

The main purpose of this training is to transmute as much salt water as possible by switching to another type of substance while taking a bath in a very cold or very hot water.

Emission Training[edit | edit source]

  • Level 0 Hardcore - Bird Flight

With levitation taught by Bisky, the goal is to keep the air as long as possible without touching the ground more with a rock.

Conjuration Training[edit | edit source]

  • Level 0 Hardcore - Imagine from Zero

Imagine and create something with Nen something alive. The most difficult task is to create something external to you that can act.

Manipulation Training[edit | edit source]

  • Level 0 Hardcore - Cut a Sense

To interfere eternally with your bodily functions and then try to interfere with your opponent's.

Specialization Training[edit | edit source]

Level 10 Hardcore - Effort Out of the Box

As an average for the expert type it is necessary to work as much as possible out of your type in case all of the fields the farther the more training is required as Enhancement.

Starting with the first two Conjuration and Manipulation Together, easy after separate positions, are the closest. After Transmutation and Emission, repeat the process more demanding than the last more complex, because, in theory, the opposite can be said above Improvement requires three times the normal effort.

There is a serious risk of collapse in trying to alter some aura quirks without being a Type Specialist that is rare.

One way to accomplish this is to train with a person from the same field as Nen Specialization.

Abilities & Powers[edit | edit source]

fish easy food

Fisherman: Could always handle, some fish. A good fisherman though, only river fishing stays but is able to catch anything you want.

Blood: The blood that he inherited from his father possesses very interesting properties and can only be inherited by a boy and a girl, therefore the surname Arukādo. It can be classified as a collector item worth as much as Scarlet Eyes.

Enhanced Strength: His strength in between was assessed between the examiners before the hunter's test and relatively alts, although in a Zetsu staging when his nen was released emitted, a visibly strong aura and gave a punch Visca Forest Preserve to if, feed during the test of survival, and fight with groups of Man-faced Ape. After his training with Biscuit he was able to cut rocks the size of expensive with his sword. But the front when gon and killua asked for help to practice, they went to killua's house where he bribered the first and the third door with a hand that left Zebro suppressed.

Immense Speed and Reflexes: Since small his speed reflexes have been trained to compare to that of Kaito but, the most remarkable and still manage to feel and deviate, killua attacks using godspeed which draws much attention in the home of the family Zoldyck and Zeno.

Preternatural Perception: What attracts attention more insane perception, what allows to perceive something to someone that can or can not cause problems, to the point of only opening near the quele, which he trusts ama outside this distrusts everyone around him almost a detector, of walking problem which makes evaluating observe all.

Immense Agility: Agile enough to divert projectiles and a few punches from his father, take the punch from the killua and hit the Morow

Advanced Stamina: Covers you complete the survival test and run without stopping marry and fight with creature bands for a week your week is at the maximum being able to stay 10 days without sleep. 

Enhanced Endurance: As seen by the examining by his, it resists in the test that if they subsisted to fight cold pain fear, poisons nothingness affected the participant 721 in the, exam 400 for hunter but this only shows how much he was well, trained a jewelry among the jewels.

Vision Accurate Hiding

Enhanced Vision: Vision accurate and so good that it allows to see almost 100% in the dark.

Enhanced Hearing: Your hearing is as good as it can determine, your target's position within a radius of at least 25 meters, so that it is improved to the point of hearing all the people from the top of a 100-story hotel.

Healing Factor: Being able to heal from minor injuries in a few days with wound healing that would take hours to heal, broken rib bones, fractures, cuts, piercings, injuries, toxins. This is a high preservation mode of your Nen the Dragon beast with its healing factor and very good with this Beast and even better.

Kill a Difficult Spider Member


Master Weapon Specialist: Although known and know how to use, many types of weapons prefer white weapons for the simple reason that they do not make so much noise.

Master Swordsman: His fencing is notable being ranked as one of the best in the world endowed with knowledge, and expertise his style to battle and the Shindo Muso Ryu but in his spare time like, to train other styles like the one of his family that currently, and a legend that must be preserved as family treasure likes to train, all possible styles of fencing.

Keen Intellect: His intelligence is so potent that he finished the deadliest game of all in 6 months.

Master Strategist: His intelligence to arrest, criminal that endanger humanity and notable for the, which Giant spoke but lacks little to become excellent in this.

Zoological Knowledg: His knowledge about animals and his favorites are feline & canidian mammals, reptiles, insects, but his knowledge spread to other areas, such as animals that are cited in the book of the black continent that are confidential.

Proficient Hand-to-Hand Combatant: He does not do much his style but his, knowledge about martial arts and vast to the point that, even disarmed and a concideravel threat for any opponent.

Adaptabilidade aprimorada:  It does not matter Cold or not, Heat in the Snow or mountain it is enough 10 minutes I me, I am accustomed to almost everything.

Stealth Expert:  His presence almost disappears, completely without needing to hide or hunt.

Excellent Teacher: Not being an exceptional and unique teacher who can handle Alluka and Nanika, he began to work what he could for these dear students. This has been put to the test of your creativity to develop a method to help.

Emotional Control: The controlled emotional is almost impossible to get serious on rare occasions, that something very bad happens, like failure to protect someone. Your emotional control is so great, it can fool the lie detector.

Slayer Modo: Jiro may enter a state of greater concentration in which he focuses entirely on killing the enemy, preventing himself from hesitating. According to him, there is a sensible difference between his power in this state and his normal mindset. And indeed infinitely more deadly than Killua killing.

Shingen-Ryu[edit | edit source]

Based on his training with Biskye, he took his martial knowledge to another level by incorporating training methods into his fencing forms. It took a year to fully incorporate the flowing motions as well as burn the aura within and manifest in its splendor all its potential converted to the needs of a swordsman Shingen-Ryu.

Techniques Ookurikara[edit | edit source]

Nen[edit | edit source]

His father, whenever he had time, trained with his son nen, which resulted in a quick apprenticeship, a basic month Ten, Zetsu, Ren, and Hatsu, before receiving his permit for the hunter test. But later, after the examination of hunter, he learned the advanced form of nen with a nickname, Blue Topaz of Biscuit Krueger cause of his nen resembling the forms of water, so departed to succeed in creating his own Special Ability.

gyo: A good tactic to find items, cheap to sell expensive a great tour to make money, talented people make great materials.

In: It was difficult to learn, if more to create a skill on top of that.

En: In case of emergency can move, and fight create a field of 50 meters stopped that field can, if it spreads to 500 meters.

Shu: I can increase the shearing power of my sword to the maximum with Ko.

Ko: My punch gets stronger with ko but it does not make my style.

Ken: My armor works with this technique.

Ryu: The way to use the aura that I have not fully mastered but I will succeed.

Their abilities are in reality totally different and an unknown for all a total monster someone who was born with everything to dominate the world. He chose to protect the World .

Jiro is a magician and becomes an expert when he manifests his nen beast with the name of his special ability Dragon Hunter.

Jiro Arukādo Ookurikara's Nen Type: Conjuration

Type : Nen

Dragon Hunter

The Dragon

Dragon Hunter and a set of nen skills, created for situations that need Nen Power to solve and fight in various situations or, if it is worth it, are given other names because they liked it, many stories of game creatures with the word Dragon. Not today, the size of this power is known.

After Contact with Nanika this ability becomes infinitely greater than a simple set of abilities.

Type : Conjuration , Transmutation, and Manipulation. Dragon Heart Sword ( ドラゴンハート刀 )
Dragon Heart sword is necessary to execute a series of requirements to trigger the treasure, robbed of the dragon a weapon motivated by the force of the opponent and in case she breaks the tattoo of the dragon will repair or make, a new one like a falling tooth and falls to be replaced by another but takes time.

  1. A weapon aimed at attack materializes, used to channel other nen abilities, which can break if you are not with enough nen.
  2. You can only start repair when nen is active
  3. Otherwise, the tattooed dragon will drink your blood instead of your nen.
  4. While fighting if the sword is bathed, with blood if the dragon likes the opponent's blood taste, this opponent will be scored.
  5. The sword can increase thirst for blood.
Type: Conjuration , Enhancement , Manipulation , and Transmutation. Dragon Heal Despert ( ドラゴンヒールデパート )
The dragon tattoo when he realizes, the wrong can start a healing process altomatically, if casso is with little nen will drink his blood to heal him, but in critical situations can force his user to attack will attack, drink blood or steal nen . Note that drinking animal blood also works.
Type: Conjuration , Transmutation , Emission , and Manipulation. Ray of the Dragon Parade ( ドラゴンパレードのレイ )

Stop the Nen.

Marked may become incapacitated or like the previous 4 member of the spiders who was killed. And emitting an opponent's electric shock force to get almost a state of, Inability to use nen for a while. It is also useful in order to try to steal, my Nen skills.

  1. You must cut off your opponent with the sword.
  2. You need to give the dragon blood.
  3. It needs to be marked by the dragon.
  4. Before using and needed this in Zetsu.
  5. The Dragon can do this automatically and protect itself if it tries to be stolen.
Type: Conjuration , Enhancement , and Manipulation. Armor Dragon ( アーマードラゴン )
Dragon armor may be used under the following conditions.

  1. Can only be used when you feel weak.
  2. Grab of the wrist of the dragon in the right hand consumes the nen without stopping the harmful effects of the sword of the heart of the dragon are canceled for the user.
  3. In order to protect yourself from the harmful and damaging effects can add blood.
  4. To Increase Strength Speed and Dexterity.
  5. If armor breaks down, power out of the dragon can attack with full force.
Type: Specialist. Treasure Thief Dragon ( トレジャーシーフドラゴン )

Stop Whispering Dragon.

Using with the Dragon Heart Sword or disarming with the Nen used to free Ben Dragon Hunter's beast the stolen dragon's treasure. If the opponent is the dragon's taste the dragon will be tempted to steal something. Note but only with my consent.

  1. Your Blood.
  2. Your Life.
  3. Thief Nen Ability.
  4. Your Soul.

To use stolen skill and necessary see how it works.

Taking blood increases the power of the dragon.

If the marked opponent dies, Nen's ability can remain with the dragon transforming into a sphere, which hides in the dragon's scales. The power order return skill, but will have to pay the dragon in blood, even worth borrowing the skill. Note that the dragon can receive Nen energy from unknowns if given to him as Nanika.

Type: Unknown God King Dragon (ゴッドキングドラゴン)
A Spirit Mode that merges temporarily with your Nen Beast, saying its name was given by Nanika and "Zenryu". Increases your skills to another level which also adds new ones. Its limit is uncertain, but in theory Something very rare occurs.

Stolen Abilities Treasure Thief Dragon[edit | edit source]

Skills Nen Stolen by, Dragon can be shared but has, a my blood Price. They are skills captured by criminals or provided by friends who died.

Type: Manipulator. Little Spy ( リトルスパイ )

Good for Secrets.

Creating a small doll made with earth and organic material can be hair or drops of blood, with Nen can be controlled by a mobile device, the doll can use Zetsu to hide the tamando has the maximum size of a mouse if discovered disconnected before transmitting the information in audio and video takes the form of the manipulator.

  1. Doll lasts 1 day if not seen by target.
Type: Unknown Magical Creation ( 魔法の創造 )

Choose A Weapon

Dragon Heart Sword Stay easy

Create a weapon with a specific effect at the cost of 50% percent Nen in the day.

This ability works from the moment of a strong sense of creating something that functions as a counter-media to deter incapacitate or kill an opponent, forging his Nen as a symbol creates something but loses something in the day until his forces return in the end of the day . You can only use half the force, the total of your Nen with the whole weapon as it is created, it is stored and can be accessed at any time, at a cost of 25% of its creation. The observing becomes more, strong with a natural affinity with that weapon as Swords changes up to their appearance and, can mix with other abilities can put one or more conditions on the weapon and strengthen it.

Type: Conjuration , Manipulator , Emission. Golden Snake Crossing (ゴールデンスネーククロッシング)

Sarcasm of a golden snake.

Gold Serpent Playing Box Other dimension.

Opens a door in that area and touches golden snake room gets its pay in Nen and the guide through the room can take but one person with you more. This person needs to be charged if he touches the ground he will pay the snake also by country and it is possible to open that door three times a day three times. This going from a point A to a point B ability gives the user the opportunity to flee or hide if he or she rests stopping halfway.

Type: Unknown 

Nen Monsters Cell ( ネンモンスターセル )

Arti artificially create nen creatures on the cell phone.

  1. takes the form of mobile game monsters.
  2. have their own set of skills.
  3. To obey orders and need to provide nen or be friends
  4. They can only be seen if they want to show each other or by telephone.
  5. The cellphone provides informs the battery time of Nen charged.
  6. Out of the cell phone they only last in the maximum three hours.
Type : Specialist, Enhancement, Conjuration , Transmutation, Emission, and Manipulator. Martial Arts of Dobra (ドブラの格闘技 )
A skill that appears in its range of options allowing you to manipulate fire, water, earth, air, with four nen beasts for each element and one, guardian for each ability. Apparently an inherited ability for the user of nen more specialist type nen and that was chosen by its previous carrier.
Type : Specialist , Transmutation , Manipulator , and Emission. Black Flame ( 黒い炎 )

Curse of the Flame

The flames continue, burning to the opponent's Nen Enter Zetsu or until they stop being generated. It possesses properties of a curse and dangerous, if used in the wrong way.
Type: Manipulator, and Transmutation. Boy Trap ( ボーイトラップ )

This is embarrassing for an Agent.

Temporarily transform appearance in the opposite sex.

To change appearance and necessary a target. So It lasts 24H.

Type: Unknown. Identity Exchange (アイデンティティー交換)


Iron Blood

A skill that completely changes the face speaks the physical tone of the voice, the color of the skin, the eyes rewriting the whole appearance. The process terminates and puts you in an In state without being able to use Nen for 12H. It can also alter your personality traits, increasing or decreasing to the point of being unrecognizable.

What is curious is that sometimes this personality deviation can lead to manifesting, after 12pm, some alternative to Hatsu, ie a new temporary ability while in this form.

  • Personality 1 and thin educated reserved intelligent but perverted, Your Generate ability to manipulate controlling Light with Nen.
  1. Great Fantasy : Allows you to connect and hack electronic devices for information and to change documents.
  2. Eternal Binding of Death : Manipulates a target in a loop of illusions of his own death.
  3. Light Armor : Creates particles that wraps underneath clothing that protects from Nen's physical attacks and curses.
  4. Speed of Light : A boost in motor skills.
  5. 3D Foton Clone : Create a series of clones identical to the real with 3/5 of your strength.
  6. Light Weapons : Create weapons made of light as a whip.
  7. Burning Soul : Vibrates the injured spot and stimulates healing with vibrant lights
  • Personality 02 Withdrawal gave almost uncontrollable desire for milk is bad (͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °) and the most focused of the personality has a very high skill with Iron can use even the Blood itself as a weapon.
  1. Iron Modeling : Any minimal gram of iron can be modified for combat or supportive purposes.
  2. Scythe : Made to penetrate tearing defenses.
  3. Blood Blade : Made from blood possessing highly harmful properties can also kill the bearer for lack of blood to forge the weapon.
  4. Calcium Vampire : To suppress the lack of blood, this personality consumes a monstrous amount of milk, strengthens it to a monstrous extent, restoring it as physically as its Nen. The only condition for this must come from women.

Former Stolen Abilities[edit | edit source]

Nen skills stolen by the, Dragon that were returned paying the price of blood.

Type: Conjuration , Manipulator , and Emission. Underworld is Girl ( アンダーワールドは女の子です )


Create a duplicate form of your opposite sex.

  1. can give orders and can automatically switch places.
  2. You can schedule to do Tasks.
Type: Unknown  Heart of Magic Cards (ハートオブマジックカード)
Heart of the Magic cards to activate requires Nen to use Gyo in his hands.

Pulling out of the box will gild an X number of random cards without looking and become real, providing aura to Card items such as random effects, monsters, curses, cures, weapons.

The creatures use a system of levels from 1 to 12, the higher the level, the more the monster will devour its Master's aura will be alive to his master and will obey him without question.

When pronouncing the words "Game of Darkness". Access to your card is allowed and you can better choose the amount and aura cards consumed and higher and the risk of death as well.

Type: Unknown  Wish Granting (願いの付与)

This is too much power

Nanika Power.

On[edit | edit source]

The ability that can destroy everything and everyone around you, like your father, has the potential to use this forbidden force with everything he avoids, because he knows what steals his humanity On.

Type: On

Eye of the Demon Dragon (魔龍の眼)

Create a perfect replica of any ability without limiting rules if the opponent defeated to the replicated ability remains.

Relationship[edit | edit source]

Family. [edit | edit source]

Can you feel the love Dad ans Mom.

 Dad : My dad but the smartest and most insane guy of his generation his ideas, theories and plans are so amazing and unmediated that he received the nickname Koki I respect and love my old man very much. Few times we argue almost never argue that leaves Kel frustrated saying I'm a copy of our father.

Mom : When it comes to the Lady of the Storm, there is more motherhood and motherhood, although some mothers come with a strong temperament, I know and she knows that I love her more and more complicated than that. My relationship is very good, although I always try to get a wife by poking me at the stories of her love with her father. 

 Kel : My beloved little sister who, by the way, is very protected. We don't fight, we just argue over rough things to realize that we care a lot about each other. And the mediator of the four brothers. In theory it is the point of union of the four of us.

Ama : How to describe someone impulsive and stubborn baka. still the most protected and most beloved of the house. One thing I like about this art style is drawing.

Dan : His personality is quiet and bright but he always comes in with Cos when he fights off occasional fights and the second quieter has no problem with this little one. And the third most reliable after Kel and me.

Rai : My maternal grandfather is the incredible strong sage I do not interact much with him but I know it is a great home and wherever he goes is always recognized as well. My old man said that if he didn't look into his eyes he would lose him because his speed is too great. At family parties there are always counting hysterias for the little ones.

Nadetsu : When it comes to my grandmother, it is normal. As long as you don't forget the family, that's fine. I think it's a miracle she can deal with all grandchildren while taking care of the family.

Pureza : Taking the cigarette I have nothing to complain about especially when it comes to Zigg and his oldest ally, father of ... who is under his care. I always ask for information about targets and possible threats to the known world, and she always has something of one of the greatest importers in the world and my grandmother.

Apsu : I never met him in person, but from the stories of my Iron Lady and my father, he is very very old, but he looks very young, as young as Zeno, Netero, Maha, he has many secrets that make him one of the most dangerous beings. of the world. I want to meet you one day.

Zenryu : My beast Nen who once called Dragon now has a name. I can't complain since Nanika gave this name Zenryu because he saved her and now I have to know how to deal with this being that moves through my skin and talks to me and Nanika in the mind that was once just a manifestation of part of me. power. It's funny that it unites us if it wasn't for that, I'd be dead now.

Big Family : It is often difficult not to like my family very much, and very large cousins, cousins, grandparents, brother, a huge confusion when they are on both sides. 

I am not very populous, but I am the most reliable and everyone knows that they have fun with many. That they have the same blood that runs in my veins, but that doesn't mean they aren't important to me and very annoying because they can't demonstrate.

Avoid Calling attention I leave it To Eli it's easier but I always call attention to the protégés of the family That leaves a slight air of danger around me. Groups within the family adults with young adults with young children with children is the neutral point of the story.

Love Romance.[edit | edit source]

Princess : Under development.

Girls (͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °) : Under development.

Friends.[edit | edit source]

Kacho & Fugetsu Hui Guo Rou :

Mari L. Arukādo : Under development.

Raem : How to describe someone who is perfect in a human sense and is my best friend though shy and a good ear and a working machine with a gentle touch which makes her a goddess in everyone's eyes. I know why she has a crush and I know she knows I know yet we made a pact not to touch the subject because it ended bad being my friend I respected her decision.

Jiro is Big  (͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °).

Biscuit Krueger : How to describe her who called me insane but I like the teacher I am grateful to everything that made me while I struggled although I never but I will leave the bathroom door open while I shower in the hotel of the arena Heavens Arena this was wrong big thing makes her excited (͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °). She asks for favors from some students, but it's an excuse to watch over me having a teacher who is your mother's friend.

Botobai Gigante : It was good to meet the man who trusted me to protect the known world while traveling to the unknown but he knows my problems and keeps an eye on my old man in my travels he recommended a help with some old documents from my family him And a good friend and trust me, your friend, I see you as a wise someone, who knows what to do as a scout, just does not go with the face of my best and Ging.

Kite : My well-known and good friend Kite in the Fight Arena, was going after shopping trips, a vast area we became friends but from what I knew he was very different from before, but beautiful and a tail I thought was a new ability to change shape , but I realized by squeezing her cheeks that it was real, you became a girl and pretty face and he gave a smile. Once a year we maintain contacts until we mark fights to test ourselves in the day I am currently acting to make that the chimeras ants do not leave the line Kaito as Queen I as representative, human of the outside a possible nation for, ants can arise future so I hope that the other countries do not, start with that of War of a new Gyro that we have to find. 

Dwun : A game addict who lives in one of my castle rooms although it's weird and a friend like to play Quest Dragon Fight. People like to tell stories about their comrades like my old man. 

Gon Freecss : After having temporarily lost his power gon chose to train but his teachers were busy but Biscuit said he is sending me to lend a hand and a good boy but very silly fall called his best friend his sister together and fuck being a nanny. 

Canary : Canary is not just a maid and a friend hides what she feels but knows what she wants to protect. I like this girl, although I think she should take care but I know how Killua feels about her but and he is still, and just a boy in the deep without experience in this territory Love. Alluka noticed and that makes both of them awkward the three are family. 

Change of place with me Killua No. You are now her sister kkk.

Killua Zoldyck : I met with Gon but at first it was like it was a rivalry was formed mainly by the fact that Alluka intervened for me but everything worked fine in the end we became friends two people from very strong families Friends with everything that his older brother did not like it .

Alluka : Alluka has difficulty interacting, maybe she feels displaced by the fact that her room is a safe but safe, even yes and fluffy, and that her biggest problem in dealing with her, has discovered ... something that most people of her family ignores and the family doctors do not touch the subject, especially Killua who accepts but hides other things from her what she did she asks Jiro a difficult thing to answer, and went straight to the point and answered what made him feel comfortable and happy with me ranks as the older brother's angry older brother. Observe and tried to buy it with sweets sometimes and accepted by taste and think that she and the fluffy tried to make a meal with gon and killua and canary but gave everything wrong in the end it ended up cooked by four. I told her to support Lance between Canary and Killua and she agrees. 


Nanika Nanika likes Jiro so much that she decided on her own to be friends with him as well as Gon, trapped in her tattoo apparently to feel comfortable next to her, after being part of the treasure of the stolen dragon, attached to the dragon tattoo looks that if he makes a request not the pity that leaves Illumi furious. Notice that Nanika said that if she hurt Jiro Alluka and Killua would feel bad, but that still does not explain why she obeys him. With the permission of killua I made 3 requests kill arrest cure arrest illumi kill Duke and cure Princess with everything I asked, plus one asked the nanika that in danger if high protect, Alluka if that happens should come to me with Killua and Canary.

Happy ending.

Shidore : The first ant I met is the easiest to help, although she is shy about appearance and a small child who just wanted to meet her brother and, to my surprise, it was easy because she knew an ant that just repeated that name and had a obsession with protecting young children.

Colt : When I met him I thought I was just a lost fanatic for protecting children but his courage and sincerity make me realize that he is just a child looking for the sister who luckily knew where he was. I can't say that this stubborn guy is not a friend.When I met him I thought I was just a lost fanatic for protecting children but his courage and sincerity make me realize that he is just a child looking for the sister who luckily knew where he was. I can't say that this stubborn guy is not a friend.

Allies[edit | edit source]

Oito Hui Guo Rou : Queen Eight the youngest queen, from what I see the naive, does not seem at first glance, knows that her invitation to establish good relations with my house was a smart step, but I see that this was not her plan, but her husband . I liked the new queen different from the others.

Machi Komacine : Young Spider Thief Number 3, but I like to call her Matiy. I can't say that our relationship is the best, but whenever I need to sew someone. I made a bet she lost, which was a meeting at the Heavens Arena that drove the arena crazy as if it were an unanswered love.

It was for humanitarian purposes. She needs to fix some people at the city hospital in exchange for the good pay we keep in touch, but I don't like her criminal activities and I'm willing to pay for her services when the spider leaves.

Eta and Elena : Good thing they were on my side when I said I wanted Card 000.

Haruna : Chidori and Colt's mother is their most common trait and their love, although their children are no longer human, but the ants are happy and I am happy to help bring together family and help gather information about the region.

Hina : At first, I thought I was a potential enemy, but the shidore ant girl intervened by saying that I wasn't bad and realized that you can be a worthy ally, not only for your knowledge but for your ability and are interested in yourself. become Queen why she becomes the strongest partner. And although it is understood as a possible candidate for refusal it is a fact but its persistence is high.

Rivals[edit | edit source]

Menchi : It's still not easy to admit that we're more than rivals, but almost friends, but my grilled Great Stamp beef recipe won't have. Or The Recipe for Vulcanic Sweet Pepper that she has yet to render perfectly.

Eli : What to say about this one that has the same blood running in my veins me stubborn brother and bored but has courage, this makes it unique even warning the counselor thinks that and, better that I do that the things stay but this is in the throes of our parents and Kel. With all this I have never seen stop.

Ogyu : I made a bet our next date would be a Greed Island mountain top duel I respect the abilities and talent a rival within the island like to play with this guy.

Enemies.[edit | edit source]

Nasubi Hui Guo Rou : The king of Kakin and I met him as a child soon realized he was a dangerous guy asking me if he liked the traditions of his kingdom he laughed and said ... definitely something wrong with that king. As king has my respect for a good father I think I should die.

Benjamin Hui Guo Rou : The leading candidate for King for Purity information was planning to spread his kingdom if he needed a war. He knows he would never support him in such a campaign so he plans my death just like his father.

Tserriednich Hui Guo Rou : And we will definitely not be friends. The fourth prince is involved in the illegal purchase of a number of very suspicious events. His kingly stature protects him from me and the old saying "Keep Friends Close and Enemies Closer Yet."

Tonpa A fat F $ & # * and that disturbs me during, the tests and tests even not liking, I saved him to stay on alert but I still despise him for everything he did.

Duke : One of the members of a renowned corrupt and dangerous royal family whose main objective is to eliminate competition, or incapacitate it to rise to power, is related to the accident of the princess her family to hire, Illumi in power and influences for him anything goes. That's why I asked Nanika even if I didn't like to kill him wherever he is, the guy to be stopped at.

Chrollo Lucilfer : Tried to steal my bad power if I went too bad. Although he is a formidable enemy I managed to defeat and steal something from him that haunts him to this day. 

Hisoka Morow As one of the participants and fighters of the arena I can only say one thing this guy is going to kill me or I will, kills him to his bad luck I am too strong for him I was without fleece, for 4 years I want to kill him but I have other things to do.

Illumi Zoldyck : Jiro hates the fact that he has to deal with Illumi after all he has done, but he knows it, but he believes that, sooner or later, he will confront the guy who almost killed the princess, the main one for Illumi now and the fact that he has one more person who can use Nanika's power without restraint and his friendship besides Killua, the power he desires but will never have, Zeno warns him if he tries to kill him, runs the risk of retaliation. side of the Ookurikara family and the devil's son.

Gyro : Possible threat is likely to Humanity The main Kite Target. I do not know personally but someone who creates a drug like potent and addictive is not a good person.


Quotes[edit | edit source]

(To Raem) "These brats are my students for now. I know I promise you don't have to look at me so I'll take it easy. # Only with the girls."

(To Nasubi ) "I am a representative of my family. I am here to congratulate King Kakin marriage."

(To Momoze and Kacho is Fugetsu) "I'm Jiro I represent the Arukādo and Ookurikara Families thank you for the wedding invitation sorry but you are beautiful princesses."

(To Dad and Mom) "It must be hard to establish diplomatic relations so we are here in a marriage."

(To Tserriednich and Benjamin) "I don't intend to ally myself with someone like you."

(To Zeno) "I'll decide where I die. And this is not here!"

(To Hisoka) "You understand as well, don't you, my power? Even without getting friendly, with this I can win...!"

(To Chrollo) "And I'll still kill you for what you did!"

(To Ogyu) "And Duel Time."

(To Dwun) "I want this castle 000 Card. I need a home when I come to play or practice on this island."

(To Alluka) "This... isn't an enemy."

(To Alluka) "Frolicking does not suit me."

(To Alluka) "What's with that look. I'll eat it since it was given to me."

(To Alluka) "Stuffing is sweet."

(To Nanika) "With this power, I can...!"

(To Gon and Killua) "I'm going to fight how I like, all right."

(To Gon and Killua) "You's re full of openings!"

(To Canary) "You do not like him, do not you?"

(To Oito) "Congratulations. Her belly has not grown so much but I can hear the heartbeat."

(To Botobai and Queen Kite Ant) "Me, by myself would have been enough, you know."

(To Hina) "If I win you help me if I lose I become your Partner. And even if it does not become a queen to have me with a partner and a great prize because I am young, strong and fertile (͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °)."

(To Team) "The expedition team is being noisy".

(To Kel) "It's not like I have a death wish. I will be healing my wounds."

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Jiro likes cute things but does not like to admit
  • Jiro eat three times more than a normal person. It is linked to the fact that its ability feeds on blood.
  • Jiro likes Stories with Dragons and lots of fighting Romance is in the background.

Snack and Candy Addiction.

  • Your amount of melanin is irregular and can therefore be easily altered by Nen.
  • Jiro has a serious problem with candy and saltine.
  • Jiro does not like me staring at his scars.
  • Zeno said he wanted this monster to join Netero's list of Nen more powerful users, the world would be eager to know what his rank would be.
  • Its First Name JIRO is an abbreviation of its idealizer.
  • 283th Hunter Exam was the toughest exam of all because 55% of participants were Nen users and only survived 5% due to survival rules.
  • His vote in the Hunter elections went to a friend of his grandmother.
  • The seer gave a gift to a daughter of the head of a mafia family for saving her life, an omen wrote something on the paper and went home about her future, besieged by Three Stars "One for Blood" and "One for Love and Love." Affection and Understanding "and" One for History". The difficult path brings the reward of great power, fate is once again linked to the one who suffers as well as the bond that unites them and creates something new.
  • The literal meaning of his name is translated into the literal and "Expecting Dragon Child From Dispatch".
  • The Hatsu Identity Exchange is a tribute to the Mutant known as David Haller.
  • Jiro hates resorting to Identity Exchange personalities. The Identity Exchange stimulates your side more (͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °).
  • These are personality expressions that shape the jiro-created Identity Exchange, which has 12 personalities, and its previous bearer had 721 personalities. The greater your emotional rigidity, the more new personalities may appear with new skills.

Jiro's stats are:[edit | edit source]

Age Story Arcs Mind Skill Body Nen Ingenuity On Intelligence
06-08 The princess of Jappon arc 1/5 1/5 1/5 0/5 5 ? 1/5
13 Hunter Exam arc 1/5 1/5 1/5 1/5 1 ? 2/5
13 -14 Big Family arc 1/5 1/5 1/5 1/5 1 1/? 2/5
14 Heavens Arena arc 2/5 2/5 2/5 2/5 1 2/? 3/5
15 -16 Greed Island arc 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5 1 3/? 4/5
16 Shield Against Terrorism arc 4/5 4/5 4/5 4/5 1 4/? 5/5
16 -17 Baba of a Brats arc 5/5 5/5 5/5 1 6/5
18 Protection Society the Chimeras Ants arc 6/5 6/5 6/5 6/5 1 6/? 7/5
22-24 The New Dragon of the Generation arc 6/5 6/5 6/5 7/5 1 7/? 8/5

Identity Exchange stats are:[edit | edit source]

Because this ability affects your mind your body its attribute is temporarily modified when activated so it only uses this ability on specific occasions.

Personality 1[edit | edit source]
Mind Skill Body Nen Ingenuity On Intelligence
7/5 5/5 3/5 4/5 2 0 8/5
Personality 2[edit | edit source]
Mind Skill Body Nen Ingenuity On Intelligence
5/5 4/5 2/5 3/5 4 0 4/5

Translations around the World[edit | edit source]

Language Name
Japan アルカードジクロ
Brazil Jiro Arukādo Ookurikara
Chinese 大城次郎
Korean 지로 아루 카도 오쿠 리 카라

Note[edit | edit source]

I do not prohibit using this character in fanfics.


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