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"My friends call me Jason, you call me Magic."

— Magic
Jason Sunday



Jeison Nichiyōbi

Also Known As

Magic (魔法, Mahō)


Male Male




6'2" (188 cm)


138 lbs (63 kg)


August 31

Hair Color


Eye Color


Blood Type





Signed to Hunter Association






Sunday Punch
Infinity Punch
Pistol Punch
Super Sunday Punch

Jason Sunday (ジェイソン・日曜日, Jeison Nichiyōbi), commonly known as Magic (魔法, Mahō), is one of the most renowned mercenaries in the entire world. According to the Hunter Association, Magic has no official records whatsoever, so it is strongly suggested that he hails from Meteor CityAfter getting hired for countless mercenary jobs, Magic decided to sign a three year contract with the Hunter Association


Magic is a fairly tall and fair-skinned young man, having long spiky white hair and a pair of intense eyes with yellow eye pupils. His main choice of attire is a skin-tight dark purple long-sleeved shirt that reveals his lean and muscular build underneath, a pair of loose fitting and slightly baggy white pants and a pair of Japanese clogs.





Physical AbilitiesEdit

Near-Peak Human Senses:

Immense Strength:

Immense Speed:

Keen Intellect:

Fighting Style - Streetboxing:

Nen AbilitiesEdit

Jason Sunday's Nen Type: Enhancement
Type: Enhancement Sunday Punch (マジックノックアウト(日曜日パンチ) Magic Knockout)
Sunday Jason's most signature Hatsu. He begins by taking an offensive boxing stance and locates his opponent's heart. Then, he takes a deep breath and clenches his right fist. Finally, he does a straight punch from his right arm directly into his opponent's heart while shouting as loud as he can. If hit, the opponent usually dies from the strike, or their heart will eventually break down.

Jason has mentioned that this Hatsu possesses many flaws. First of all, he has to take an offensive stance, taking some time and giving away his position. Secondly, if exhausted, he may not be able to hold his breath. Also, he limits the use of this Hatsu to his dominant arm, which is his right arm. This Hatsu will be rendered harmless if Jason fails to either take an offensive stance, hold his breath, shout to release the power or strike the opponent in the heart.

The ability's effectiveness is heightened if Jason takes a longer breath. It is also augmented if he shouts extremely loud to release the tension. However, the shout can potentially break Jason's voice for quite a while if the Hatsu is used too frequently.

Type: Enhancement Infinity Punch (リード拳(インフィニティパンチ) The Fist that Leads the Way)
InfinityPunch Jason's second Hatsu. Often used during combat, the Infinity Punch was initially a series of lightning fast flickering jabs that targets the opponent's body. However, following Jason's first ever defeat at the hands of Iceman, he has vastly modified this Hatsu.

According to Jason, in order to enhance the effects of this Hatsu, he is required to shout out the direction he is striking. If he does, the damage inflicted is increased to a great extent. However, this is a double-edged sword, as when he pronounces a direction wrong or does not shout it out at all, the damage is redirected to himself and becomes twice as painful.

Type: Transmutation Pistol Punch (バンバンバン!(ピストルパンチ) Bang Bang Bang!)
PistolPunch Jason's third Hatsu. After his loss against Sylvester Sharpshooter, he began to realize the need to incorporate other elements in combat. So, after deep observation in the latter's Hatsu mechanics and his affinity in Transmutation, this Hatsu was created.

This Hatsu grants Jason the ability to transmute the properties of a bullet into his punches, making his punches as swift and explosive as a bullet's. However, much like a regular pistol, the ammunition, or in this case the amount of punches is limited, so after exactly twenty three punches, Jason will have to rest and recover for ten minutes until he can use his Hatsu for a second time. If he violates the limitation, he will be unable to use his arm for ten minutes, leaving him vulnerable to straightforward attacks.


  • "My friends call me Jason, you call me Magic."


  • His appearance and his second Hatsu is based off Garou's appearance and fighting style.