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House of Oracle
Kanji 託宣の家
Romaji Ie no Takusen
Status Operating
Founder(s) Eden King
Headquarters Brickham
Member(s) ????
Affiliation Oracle Network
Purpose Manage high risk, crisis scenarios and distribute classified intel to the highest, legal bidder.

"We clean up messes for people with way too much time and money on their hands. And the occasional intel job. "

— Eden King, founder and Chief.

The House of Oracle (託宣の家, Takusen no Ie), normally referred to as simply Oracle, is a private, crisis management and intel firm based in the city of Brickham, a coastal, metropolitan financial hub of a yet named nation on the Yorbian Continent. It was founded some eight years ago by Double Star Hunter Eden King to better facilitate his intel business endeavors and, more specifically, consolidate his work in crisis management and build up a base of subordinates to better handle the needs of clients.