Hell's Arena



Jigoku Tōgi jō

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Meteor City

The Hell's Arena is an obscure battle site allegedly located somewhere deep in the bowels of Meteor City.

Overview Edit

The Hell's Arena or 'Abyss' as it is sometimes referred to by those who speak of its story is an inverted tower that stretches deep into the heart of Meteor City. Although located deep underground, various accounts from the few who claim to had been to the place describe a 'tower' like structure that shares an inexplicable similarity with that of Padokea's Heaven's Arena albeit in an inverse fashion. It is said that every ten years or so the most dangerous people from around the globe come to this godforsaken place to compete against one another in order to reach the lowest level of the arena where an unfathomable reward that no amount of prestige, power, and fortune could ever hope to compare to is said to await the victor.

Admission Edit

Accounts regarding admission to the arena vary. Some accounts state that only through an invitation or challenge given by the current arena champion can one secure access or admission while others claim that by simply finding the arena site can also be grounds for securing the exclusive privilege.

Participants Edit

Not much is known about identity of the participants or who is allowed to spectate what happens inside the arena only that there are strict stipulations in place to ensure that only the most qualified is allowed access. With the exemption of a select few, everyone, whether participant or spectator must make a solemn oath that involves the use of nen to keep to the strict rules or face certain and immediate death. Anyone who makes the unbreakable oath receives a 'mark' on their left hand and only then will they be allowed access into the arena grounds.

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