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Francis Bretss (フランシス ブレス Furanshisu Buresu) is the second oldest son of the Bretss Family who since a young age was trained by his older brother and father in order to become a Full Mercenary as both of them were well known in the Hireling Network. Due to these events during his youthness, he is a very skilled Mercenary with powerful skills and martial arts, although in order to do many jobs, he discovered he would need a Hunter License, then after declining his father proposal of becoming the next head of the family, Francis went to take the Hunter Exam, and after gaining many friends during it, he passed the 285th Exam at the age of 15. Francis is the Deuteragonist of Flame × Hunter where he alongside Damon and their friends enjoy many adventures around the world, engaging themselves in various situations which only best friends could survive alongside each other.


Francis is a young muscular man with 18 years who has a wavy-down blond hair, black eyes, a slighty white toned skin which gives emphasis to his blond hair. He posses a long tattoo on his left arm which is a black-colored horse among blueish and greenish flames and one at his upper left arm which seems to be a red-colored C with tendril-like things surrounding it, a skull surrounded by blue flames in his fist, and finally the word BARACCA. He mostly wears orange T-Shirts with a Black Skull with Wings at its center, knee-length black shorts with orangish strings crossing from down-up the side of his legs and black boots. Even though he doens't show much interest in girls, he has many fangirls.

As mentioned before, Francis possess a tattoo which spells out the name BARACCA, Francis states each letter has a meaning for something deep within him, although he didn't mention any of the meanings. Many times Francis wears some suits in noble occasiations he must go to, in said occasiations he gains many fangirls due to his handsomeness and also because of his similarity to Pariston Hil as people tend to confuse him with or misunderstand him as some relative of Pariston's.






Natural AbilitiesEdit

  • Impressive Strength:
  • Enhanced Speed & Reflexes:
  • Impressive Stamina:
  • Impressive Endurance & Durability:
  • Incredible Pain-Tolerance:
  • Expert Strategist:

Ways of CombatEdit

  • Master Hand-To-Hand Combatant:

Nen AbilitiesEdit

During the begin of the training of his Nen, Francis's aura had cause the water to flow off the glass, meaning he is an Enhancer (強化系 Kyōkakei). Francis developed a Hatsu in which by using Ko to focus his aura into his fingers and then hit the target similar to firing a pistol. His aura is golden-yellow in color. Even though he is an Enhancer, Francis has demonstrated abilities of the other categories.

Francis's Nen Type: Enhancement
Type:Enhancement Almighty Finger (指で殺す(全能指) Killing with a poke)
Almighty Finegr Francis's first Hatsu allows him to enhance the nerves of his hands and concentrate extreme power on his finger. Francis will push his index finger into a certain spot of his target at a high speed similar to firing a pistol, then using Ko, Francis is able to focus aura around his index finger to reforce the pistol effect, he is able to kill opponents very easily with this technique as it is strong enough to make holes in both stone and steel walls, Francis has demonstrated that he can use the technique continously pretty much like a Gatling Gun.
Type:Emission Cutting Kick (脚スライサ(カット蹴り) Leg Slicer)
Cutting Kick Francis's second Hatsu allows him to emitt his aura towards his targets as a powerful cut. He firstly uses his legs to 'kick' the air using his immense speed and strength then projecting a very sharp cut which is able to cut many objects with ease. Francis is able to cut through walls by kicking the air which is seemgly next to little effort if not counted the aura use, as demonstrated by him, he is able to shape the air cut or even make it bounce in a curve-motion on the ground.



  • His appearance is based off of Dino from the Katekyo Hitman Reborn Series.
  • His name and appearance are also similar to the Author's best friend in real life.