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Broken Vows



Kowareta chikai no ko



Main Character

Arimi Yumoto



Theme Song

Kingdom Of Predators

Broken Vows Arc (壊れた誓いの弧, Kowareta chikai no ko), or sometimes shortened to B×V, is an upcoming Arc written by Captain-Turkey and a Fan Made Arc of the popular animanga series Hunter X Hunter by Yoshihiro Togashi. Broken Vows Arc will follow the adventures of the author's main character, Arimi Yumoto, as travels to the Dark continent with the Phantom Troupe. The details of B×V are still being sorted out, but it is currently planned to begin publication sometime this Year. A lot of the characters, items, locations are being planned out. If their is any problems grammar or templates. Let me know and I will fix the, Please don't mess with anything on this page, Thank you.


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This Arc follows two different characters. Arimi Yumoto, He is the main hero of the Arc you could say. He travels to the Dark Continent with the Phantom Troupe and the Solar Party. He gets attacked by the Chimera Ants hive. Then there is Positiveprophet. He is the main villain of the Arc and he was at the hive with Neuroprophet. He see the two groups landing on the beach near the Hive and orders a killing of them all. The Arc has 5 different parts in the story. The first part is Boat × Sea which is split in to 5 smaller parts. This part follows the Hawks and The Spiders traveling to the Dark Continents. Each part shows each group warming up to each other and seeing Backstories(Fanon) of the Phantom Troupe members and Solar Party members. Next is A × Normal × Day which is split in to 5 smaller parts as well. This part of the story shows the Positiveprophet doing his normal job and seeing him talking to the Queen. This does have some of the backstory of Him but not much. Then it will show the Phantom Troupe members and Solar Party members landing on the beach and shows him sending out the order to kill them all. Next is Origins, which is split in to 4 smaller parts. Which goes over Neuroprophet Origins and shows how she made the Chimera Ant race that we know today. Next is Hive × Mind, which is split in to 5 smaller parts. It shows the Ants hunting down the 2 groups and the ants trying to deal with the groups. In this part of the story, we see Hisoka enter the hive because he was hiding on the boat in Boat × Sea. Final part is Down × With × The × Hive, which is split in to 4 smaller parts and shows the final battle between each side and sees who comes out on top.


Main Characters

  1. Arimi Yumoto
  2. Positiveprophet
  3. Neuroprophet

Side Characters


Boat × Sea

  • Sunlight × Zone
  • Twilight × Zone
  • Midnight × Zone
  • The × Abyss
  • Trenches

A × Normal × Day

  • Kings
  • Queens
  • Nobles
  • Peasants
  • Rebels


  • Travels
  • Normal
  • Love × Hate
  • Vows

Hive × Mind

  • Death × Hunt
  • Ego
  • Monster × Ants
  • Hive × Nest
  • Ants

Down × With × The × Hive

  • The × Battle
  • The × Burning
  • The × Survival
  • The × Broken × Vows

Behind the Scenes/Trivia

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