Arctic Zoldyck is the Alternative Version of Arctic Ocean. She is the mother of Navy Ariel Killua and Alluka Zoldyck in this universe and the wife of Silva Zoldyck

history: She seems to have the same history as Arctic Ocean except that she never took Kurapika as student and met her fiancé before Silva. However she seems to be more present for her kids. However she had chosen Silva over her fiancé and mothered 4 kids with him.

Plot: She is the mother of an Killua that is visibly trapped in the wrong Unviverse. (More details coming after)

Personality: Its show that she have similar traits with Arctic Ocean. Both are permissive with their children but can be yet scary when angered. She seems to spoil her kids a lot. She is very honest with her children. She seems to care about them a lot. She have charismatic persona and seems to had kept her observative side.

Apearence: She is identitacl as Arctic Ocean. Except her eyes have a brown shade due to the ill and not red. She wears an Victorian dark blue like corset top with white pants and marine flat long boots. Her gun is on her upper thigh And her dagger is on the other. She wore in Alternative Killua's flashback an long pink kimono with white flowers on.


Alternative Killua's said that she could open all the gates.

She lives at The Zoldyck house.

Her abilities are exactly like Arctic Ocean's.

She is still part of Hunter association.


"I don't know any Kurapika."

"I was an Hunter its natural that you want to do the exam."

"Of course Alluka is a Zoldyck she is your sister remember?"