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Akira Kojima

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Dead Man(死人Shibito)


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145 lbs.


February 15

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Blacklist Hunter




Bat Stamp

Living Shadow

Akira Kojima is a Blacklist hunter, commonly known by his alias "Dead Man". He is a manipulator who is able to manipulate his own shadow and the shadows of others. His signature ability of using other people's shadows to bring back dead corpses is the reason he received his alias.


Akira has an average build and tanish skin. He is usualy seen with his helmet on and no one has ever seen his facial features, excluding his eyes. His casual attire is a black dome helmet, a black trench coat, black-and-white-striped armor, and black boots. He is never seen wearing anything else.  


Unlike many other blacklist hunters who have a strong sense of justice or vengeance, Akira has a cool demeanor, always having a level head during serious situations. He seems to have a serious attitude towards death, picking a fight with anyone who causes death and/or believes that death is a joke. It seems, because of this, that Akira uses his manipulation ability to bring the dead back to life, wanting to give them purpose after death. He can take a joke pretty well and is very nice when talking to friends or strangers. His sense of character in others also makes him very judgemental of people he sees.


Akira isn't known to have any connections with people.


Not much is known about Akira, except that he took a Hunter's Exam and passed.



Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Natural AbilitiesEdit

When he was a kid, Akira was taught the ways of many martial arts, enhanced skills, espionage tactics, and strategic abilities by a variety of masters. Those skills are:

  • Advanced Hand-to-Hand Combat
  • Enhanced Senses
  • Enhanced Agility
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Enhanced Reflexes
  • Ninjutsu
  • Bodily Function Control
  • Tactical Analysis & Planning 


Akira is a manipulator, specializing in the manipulation of shadows. He uses shadows as his main source of manipulating living and non-living things. If he physically takes someone's shadow and doesn't replace it with a bat stamp shadow, that person will turn to ash in sunlight. 

Akira Kojima's Nen Type: Manipulation
Type: Manipulation Bat Stamp(バットスタンプBattosutanpu)
Bat stamp One of Akira's most commonly used abilities, it allows him to take a part of his shadow and turn them into bats. Akira usually controls them to land on people's backs. When the bats land, they turn into an imprint on the people's clothing or back. Without knowing it, the bats replace their shadows and allows Akira to take them and manipulate the people.
Type: Manipulation Shadow Thief(影泥棒Kage dorobō)
Shadow Thief Another of Akira's favorite abilities. Being a manipulator, he has the ability to manipulate shadows. When he doesn't use bat stamp to expel a shadow from it's host, he can just take the shadow with his hands and cut/tear it off. With this move, anyone who has their shadow taken will burn to ash in sunlight.
Type: Manipulation Dead Man Battery(死んだ男電池Shinda otoko denshi)
Dead Man Battery Using shadows gathered by either Shadow Thief or Bat Stamp, Akira can place those shadows in corpses to use them as soldiers. Because the host's are dead, they cannot feel pain, hunger, emotion, etc. making them the perfect fighting machines. They follow Akira's commands and can only be beaten when a body part of the corpse is turned to ash, to which the shadow will return to it's original owner.
Type: Manipulation Living Shadow(生きている影Ikite iru kage)
Shadow form Akira can use his shadow and shadows that he steals to manipulate his own body. He covers it with shadows and increases his size, strength, and weight. His appearance also takes the form of a dangerous creature. In this form, Akira is able to extend parts of his body to increase his range and cling on to things.


  • "People can decide what to do. But shadows are a completely different story."
  • "I'll give you to the count of 3 before I punch you." (waits 1 second) "3." (punches the person very hard)
  • "I am a man of strength, bravery, dauntlessness, I am..." (curtain is opened) "AHHHH!!! TURN OFF THE LIGHT!!!"
  • "Fishing is my hobby. Fishing is my enjoyment. You get in my way and you're going to die."
  • "Tragic. TRAGIC!"


  • Akira's Nen ability is based off of Gekko Moria's Kage Kage no Mi from One Piece
  • Because of his attachment to darkness, Akira is sensitive towards light.
  • Akira's favorite pass-time is fishing