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Aaron is the main protagonist of STARLESSxHUNTER and a Starless Treasure Hunter who has become rather infamous for the seemingly bitter rivalry which exist between Biscuit Krueger and himself.

In a bid to succeed where Biscuit has failed, he relentlessly searches for the supposedly fictional Tear of Marduk.

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In comparison to the average human, Aaron is exceptionally strong. However, when compared to other nen users, Aaron is only marginally strong. He has a lot more strength than most beginners, but far less than most of the experienced Nen Users.

Awareness and ReflexesEdit

Aaron is a particularly aware individual. He keeps an innumerable amount of mental tabs on any and all of the occurrences that just so happen to be taking place within his proximity. As a result, it's very rare for him to ever be caught off-guard. Though it should be noted that there have been times where Aaron was caught unaware. And that most of those times involved Biscuit in some form or fashion.

Directly complementing Aaron's awareness is his superb reflexes. Under normal circumstances, Aaron is more than capable of reacting to an incident. It's extraordinarily rare for Aaron to be completely incapable of a response. So much so that not even Biscuit has managed to accomplish such a feat.


Contrary to the fact that he has made an outright habit of going out of his way to compete with her for the acquisition of gemstones, Aaron is a "graduated" student of Biscuit Krueger. As a result, he is one of the Hunter Association's more adept practitioners of Nen. In terms of the basics, Aaron has a predilection towards making use of a rather distinctive combination of Ko, RyuIn, and Shu.

Instead of using Gyo to prioritize the defense of a specific portion of his body over the defense of other portions of his body or Ken to equally defend the entirety of his body; Aaron utilizes Ko to either defend naught but a single portion of his body at the cost of completely abandoning the defense of the rest of his body or powerfully assault his opponent(s), Ryu to nigh-instantaneously shift the position of his Ko to wherever he believes it should be at the moment, and In to conceal the position of his Ko from his opponent. It should also be noted that Aaron also has a tendency to perform Shu by utilizing his Ryu to shift his Ko to his baseball bat.

Under normal circumstances; Aaron defensively utilizes this combination to either fend off an assault with a Shu-empowered baseball bat or simply buffer the portion of his body that his opponent(s) is in the process of assaulting. While he offensively utilizes it to pulverize his opponent(s) with either a Shu-empowered baseball bat or a Ko-empowered portion of his body itself. Such a combination allows Aaron to maximize his chances of neutralizing both the assaults of his opponent(s) and his opponent(s) themselves; however, this maximization comes at the cost of Aaron being lethally fragile to just about any Nen-based assault that manages to slip past his defenses.

Thus Aaron is forced to keep up a firm guard in order to successively utilize the aforementioned combination. Fortunately for Aaron, his immense-awareness and -reflexes allows him to do so with ease most of the time. Even more fortunately for Aaron, he isn't required to do so for an extended period of time. In fact, he normally only needs to buy himself the time he needs to either conceal himself or make use of his Hatsu.

Aaron's Nen Type: Manipulation or Specialization
Smoke and Mirrors (うそつきはどろぼうのはじまり(ごまかし) Show Me a Liar, and I Will Show You a Thief)
Placeholder Aaron's trademark Hatsu, Smoke and Mirrors, is a Manipulation-based Nen Ability which utilization bestows upon Aaron the ability to manipulate an individual into perceiving an ongoing occurrence in any fashion which will augment the plausibility of a particular lie that Aaron has told the individual.

However, Aaron will be utterly incapable of manipulating an individual whom is either sure of the fact that he or she is being manipulated into perceiving a fabrication or is already under the influence of a Manipulation-based Nen Ability.

Also, if Aaron fails an attempt to utilize Smoke and Mirrors upon an individual, Aaron will be forced into Zetsu for an amount of days that is an exact equal to the amount of characters that would have to be used to form an English sentence of the very lie through which Aaron managed to activate Smoke and Mirrors. The same consequence applies if Aaron personally relieves an individual of the effects of being subjected to Smoke and Mirrors.

Word of Mouth (ぞくでん(クチコミ) Popular Belief or Saying)

Word of Mouth is a Hatsu that Aaron unwittingly came into possession of. It should be noted that Aaron only discovered the specifics of this Nen Ability as a result of trial and error. Thus it's entirely possible for their to be possibilities and impossibilities that he is unaware of.

It's a Specialization-based Nen Ability which replicates the falsified perception of an individual whom is under the influence of Smoke and Mirrors onto anyone whom the individual has managed to inform of any of the details that concern the aforementioned falsified perception.

It should be noted that Aaron's type changes from Manipulation to Specialization whenever Word of Mouth is in effect.

Home Run (いっぱつぎゃくてん(ホームラン) Turning the Tables With a Single Successful Attack)
Aaron Home Run

Home Run is an Emission-based Nen Ability where Aaron will enshroud his baseball bat within a Ko-grade Shu and then swing his baseball bat as a means of emitting the constituent aura of the Ko-grade Shu as a sphere of pure destruction.

It should be noted that the size of the aforementioned sphere will be directly proportional to the power of the very swing that triggered its Emission. It should also be noted that Aaron is fully capable of utilizing his skill in Manipulation to direct the sphere as he pleases; however, Aaron will be completely incapable of doing so while he is a Specialist as a result of Word of Mouth being in effect.